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Can you be gay in Kynseed?

Kynseed is a 2022 life-sim RPG from PixelCount Studios, whose team includes veterans from the Fable series. The game is inspired by the writing and tone of Fable, but has its own setting and identity. In Kynseed you are one of the many children born to the little old woman who lived in a shoe. Lucky for you, your uncle Bill comes along and takes you and your twin sibling to live with him, giving you the opportunity for a more comfortable life in the Vale. The game is similar to the likes of Stardew Valley, but with a much meatier RPG side.

Once you arrive and start your new life, you start having strange dreams and eventually are given the Kynseed, a magical acorn that will grow into a family tree that reflects your life choices. Players can run a business, go on adventures, start a farm, unlock the secrets of this dark fairy tale world, and build relationships with the various NPCs around them. But the age old question remains: can you be gay?

Can you be gay in Kynseed?

You can be gay in Kynseed! Players can choose the gender and appearance of their playable character at the start of the game, and most of the various NPCs you can encounter while exploring and living your life are romanceable to players of any gender. That said, there are some NPCs that cannot be romanced because they are “Goddess blessed.” This includes characters like Masters.

Kynseed screenshot that says most NPCs can be married no matter what gender, except those who are Goddess blessed.
Image Source: PixelCount Studios

Once you have found the character you want to settle down with, Kynseed allows you to start and raise a family with them, regardless of your gender or theirs. As your family grows and develops, a family tree will sprout from your Kynseed, with the branches changing as you and your family do.

Players can check Kynseed out on PC; it’s currently not available on consoles.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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