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Apex Legends reveals trans legend Catalyst

Apex Legends has revealed Tressa aka Catalyst, a brand new legend, via a trailer from Stories from the Outlands. Catalyst is the very first trans woman to be included in Apex Legends, and as far as we can tell from her trailer, she’s a little bit witchy.

In Stories from the Outlands: Last Hope, we get to see Catalyst in action. The trailer starts with her seemingly explaining to Rampart, another legend, what the crystals she possesses tells about her. Not only is she trans but she’s into tarot? Okay Respawn Entertainment, now we think you’re just doing this on purpose…

Ahem. The trailer then moves forward into explaining more about Catalyst’s background and her coven of friends, led by a young woman named Margo. Together they want to save Cleo, a dying planet whose moon is practically destroyed. Margo seems to be the brains of the operation, but she takes too many risks that leaves most of the coven backing out. Everyone apart from Catalyst.

During a conversation between Margo and Catalyst, we learn that the legend is trans. She mentions that the whole world has opened up now that she’s been able to be herself, and explicitly mentions her transition in following dialogue. It’s a very touching moment,

We don’t want to spoil the rest of the trailer, but things inevitably lead to Catalsyt returning to the Apex Games to fight what she believes in. Personally, we can’t wait to find out what that might be.

Catalyst joins a long line of LGBTQIA characters that are prominent in Apex Legends, such as Loba, Valkyrie, Fuse, Gibraltar, Seer and another trans legend, Bloodhound.

The full reveal trailer for the new Apex Legends season – aptly titled Eclipse – will launch on October 20. In the meantime though, you can watch Stories from the Outlands: Last Hope below.

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