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Bloodhound is Non-Binary, Get Over It

Have you ever bashed your head against the wall again and again, for no real reason? That’s exactly what it feels like when trying to explain to people on the internet that Bloodhound from Apex Legends is non-binary and doesn’t use the pronouns of he/him or she/they.

Bloodhound is a Legend in more ways than one, and it was only recently that Respawn released a video showing more about their backstory. It was through this that we heard more of Bloodhound’s voice outside of the mask. And as you may have expected, a few volatile folks used this backstory as ‘proof’ of Bloodhound’s ‘real’ gender.

However, Allegra Clark, Bloodhound’s voice actor, was quick to jump on any comments that referred to Bloodhound as he or she. She tweeted “they’re still non-binary, by the way,” and went on further to reiterate about Bloodhound’s identity as any respectful person would.

Manny Hagopian, a senior writer at Respawn and one of the writers behind Bloodhound’s newest short, also had something to say about Bloodhound’s identity.

“Hi. I’m a writer who wrote & helped create the amazing character: Bloodhound. Since day 1, Bloodhound has been referred to by the pronouns: they/them/their. This is who they are. This is how they identify. It’s okay to struggle with that concept as we grow & evolve…” He continued, “I am also learning everyday. We never stop learning. These conversations about gender identity are vital for everyone, & especially for those afraid to be seen or heard. I’m listening & I’ll continue to. Thank you all for enjoying our stories, friends. Let’s keep going!”

While I’m always skeptical about how gender and sexual identity is portrayed in video games where characters and who they are often takes a backseat, it’s hard to deny that the support given to Bloodhound’s gender identity isn’t an inspiring thing to see. We just hope that, eventually, more studios are willing to support communities that aren’t just straight, white, male and cis.

And for those out there who are still struggling with this concept? To echo Hagopian’s sentiments: it’s never a bad time to start learning.

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