Friday, June 21, 2024

Ewok joins XSET as ‘Agent of Positive Change’

On Wednesday, esports organization XSET announced that it has signed transgender Fortnite and Apex Legends star Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler to its content creation team. Ewok will serve as the organization’s new “Agent of Positive Change.”

“Having gotten to know Ewok when I was at FaZe and watching his incredible journey to superstar streamer, positive example to the trans community and his continued representation of the deaf community, it is amazing to welcome him to his new XSET family,” said Greg Selkoe, co-founder and CEO of XSET. “Ewok is an incredible talent and we can’t wait to do some killer stuff together at XSET”

Ewok first gained notoriety after TimTheTatman hosted his stream back in 2019. By age 15, he was signed as FaZe Clan’s first female streamer, all before he came out as both a transgender man and bisexual on National Coming Out Day in October 2020. The deaf streamer stayed with FaZe Clan until 2021, when he left and went on a content creation hiatus. Now with XSET, his focus beyond just gaming seems to be bringing positive representation to the esports scene.

“I represent the deaf community,” he said in his announcement video in American Sign Language. “I rep courage. I rep the future. I represent you, who chooses to be different.”

He elaborated further on this a press release as well.

“I am back stronger than ever. I am excited to start creating more content and continue to connect with awesome people,” Ewok said. “I am grateful for an organization like XSET that actively supports diversity and inclusion. I look forward to reppin’ XSET and being an agent of positive change.”

The now 17 year-old will be creating content and streaming under the XSET banner going forward, where he’ll be showing off his skills in Fortnite and Apex Legends, his love for fitness and art, and more.

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