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Can you be gay in Cult of the Lamb?

Cult of the Lamb, developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, puts players into the role of the titular lamb who has been tasked with running a cult devoted to a banished god. Bringing about the demise of the gods who currently reign and building your own power is no easy feat. From embarking on crusades, to ensuring that your followers are fed, healthy and faithful, there’s a lot to do. With all that going on, how could a busy cult leader possibly have time for romance? Well since they are your followers, it’s actually not all that hard to find someone who’s into you in Cult of the Lamb.

Can you be gay in Cult of the Lamb?

The answer to this question is a bit wishy washy. Technically, yes. The wibbliness of it comes from the fact that no one in your Cult of the Lamb cult really has a designated gender, whether they’re NPCs or the player character. We can assume that the antagonists have genders, as they refer to each other with gendered terms like “brother” and “sister,” but beyond that, there aren’t really indicators that gender is a thing that matters in your cult. Because of this, you can marry anyone in your cult, and can even have multiple spouses. Is it gay to have relationships where gender isn’t even a thing? Debatable perhaps, but it’s definitely queer.

How to get married in Cult of the Lamb

Marriage in this game is one of the rituals you can unlock via powering up your Red Crown with the loyalty and devotion of your followers. To unlock the marriage ritual, you need to invest your doctrines into the Law and Order tree; marriage is part of the second pair of rituals you can choose from when leveling up this route.

Screenshot of the ritual screen in Cult of the Lamb with the wedding ritual highlighted.

Once you have the ritual unlocked, you can select it (as long as it’s not on cooldown) and choose a follower to marry. Followers will also start coming up to you to declare their love and propose as part of a follower quest. You can marry multiple followers, but your current spouses will grow more and more jealous as you add others into your household.

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