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Streamer Spotlight: CocoeCake

Welcome to a new Streamer Spotlight! This week our ever-persistent and glorious spotlight falls on CocoeCake, uTure contestant and a previously faceless Minecraft streamer!

CocoeCake is a US-based Minecraft YouTuber, and gaming is how they best share their adventures with everyone. They hope to build a friendly and thriving community and bring smiles to everyone that watches them!

We got to chat with CocoeCake about streaming, their previously faceless career, and their experience with the new Youtube show, uTure!

When and why did you start streaming?

I just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my channel. When I started, summer was just about to
begin for me and I had wanted to become a YouTuber for years but was too busy with school. I had
so many fun ideas and wanted to share them, so in the beginning it was like a game for me. I would play challenges I found fun at the time and then edit them to be enjoyable for others to watch.

What games do you prefer to stream?

I mostly play Minecraft on my channel, from challenge videos to informative but entertaining YouTube Shorts. With future variety content planned for the uTure show, and afterwards.

What do you do outside of streaming?

Outside of YouTube, I actually just play more video games such as Subnautica, Ark: Survival
, The Sims, Skyrim, and Legend of Zelda.

I also love to go hiking with my family and read EXTREME quantities of comics.

Can you tell us more about uTure and how you decided that you wanted to be part of it?

The uTure show is a huge gaming competition for small gaming creators. With mega popular YouTubers being the judges and 11 contestants competing in gaming challenges every week for $100,000.

My channel was at 762 amazing subscribers when I found uTure through a community post. I wanted to be a part of it because it’s such a unique opportunity to grow your skills and get real feedback. I was also not expecting to actually get in when I made my application due to so many other great submissions and me being faceless at the time.

What have you learned about yourself through streaming?

Since I’m such a small creator, I’m still learning about my channel and myself with every single upload. I want to entertain others, even just for a moment, with whatever skill and commentary I have at that time. I’ve yet to rage quit or yell at a game in my videos because if it’s not fun for me then how would it be fun for anyone else.

How has being part of the competition with uTure affected you?

My channel has doubled in size over the first week of the uTure show and I’ve gained so much feedback and support on my content. Personally, uTure has gotten me to post more often and in a shorter style than I ever have before, leading to some stressful moments, but overall I’m extremely happy with my uTure experience!

How do you find being an out ace-aro streamer?

I never had any crushes growing up and still don’t to this day.

When all of my friends started liking others romantically, I thought they were joking, pretending to crush on others like in the movies. Up until almost all of them were actually in relationships, I realized that I was the only one more interested in comics than dating. It’s not like I’m missing a part of what makes most people happy. I just fill up that part with other things, such as friends and games. At least in the Minecraft community of the streaming world, being LGBTQIA+ is widely accepted and supported, and so I’ve never had issues feeling unwelcome because I’m ace-aro.

What are you most proud of since you started streaming?

I’ve been most proud of all of my content since I started YouTube. I would never post something I wasn’t proud of at the time. Even if I ever look back and dislike it, it simply means I’ve improved. So I guess you could say I’m proud of my progress.

What’s the game that defined your childhood?

Definitely Minecraft. My whole family, including my Nana, has played Minecraft for over 9
years. From mods, PVP servers, and the original Hunger Games, to just plain hardcore mode, Minecraft
has always been my go-to game.

Find out more about Cocoecake here
You previously hadn’t shown your face – did taking part in uTure change that for you?

I was a completely faceless creator up until the day before the uTure contestants were announced. I had been planning a semi-face reveal for the near future, but when uTure contacted me, I decided to use a face camera earlier than intended. It led to a pretty chaotic first week as I needed to set up a background, lighting, camera angles, and find a mask before the first challenge. I don’t regret showing my face, but it definitely changes how my recording and editing is done.

Where does the name CocoeCake come from?

Story time, the day my family bought Minecraft, 9 years ago, my older sibling had chosen the name 1Cheesecake and so I followed in their decision and chose my favourite flavour- Chocolate cake. Unfortunately, that name was taken and so it was altered to 1Cocoecake. The “e” in the middle is a mistype, but I actually like it; it makes it sound extra “Coco-e”. The “1” was dropped when I made my
YouTube channel. It’s always fun when you meet new people online and they just abbreviate it to “Coco” in confusion.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m most looking forward to collabs and live streaming! Up until this point I’ve done very few of both and believe they are super beneficial to growing and connecting with my audience. I’m also hyped to see how the uTure show will continue to help my skills and my channel.

If you won the uTure competition – how would this affect your future?

Getting into uTure has already affected my future. I’ve done a semi-face reveal and posted different games than Minecraft on my channel. If I were to win, I would try to post more frequently and at better quality than before, as well as collab with larger creators, in order to entertain my new viewers.

Since uTure is all about finding and building up small creators, if I won, I would also strive to help out other small creators that are entertaining and motivated.

You can find out more about CocoeCake via their YouTube channel!

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