Friday, March 1, 2024

Harley and Ivy take their relationship to the next level in Harley Quinn Season 3

Harley Quinn Season 3 is set to start off with a BANG when it launches on HBO Max this month, and fans of the Harlivy (Harley and Ivy) couple will be more than pleased to know that their relationship plays a key role in the upcoming season.

The last time we saw our two lovers, Harley had just crashed the wedding between Kite-Man and Ivy in order to help save the day and support her friend. However, when it got to the vows, it was Kite-Man who called the wedding off completely due to him realizing that Ivy didn’t love him as much as she did Harley. After that rollercoaster of emotions, both Harley and Ivy confessed their love, kissed, and drove away, all while trying to avoid the rage of Commissioner Gordon and the rest of the police after their heads. Ah, we do love a happy ending.

Since then, both of our favourite anti-heroines have been taking the world by storm – and you can find out more about it by reading the Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: Eat Bang Kill Tour from Tee Franklin -by kicking ass and taking names. But what precisely have they been doing?

Well, thanks to a sneak preview from San Diego Comic-Con, we have some idea about what our favourite couple has been up to. Spoiler: rolling in lots, and lots, and lots of money…

But while the relationship between Harley and Ivy does seem like the heart of Harley Quinn Season 3, there’s a new force to be reckoned with when the couple returns to Gotham, as summarized below.

“The mayhem and madness continue in season three of this biting and uproarious adult animated comedy series. Wrapping up their “Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour,” Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy return to Gotham as the new power couple of DC villainy. Along with their ragtag crew – King Shark Clayface, Frank the Plant – “Harlivy” strives to become the best version of themselves while also working towards Ivy’s long-desired plan of transforming Gotham into an Eden paradise.”

Other characters such as The Joker, Batman, and Catwoman are set to make their return too, with the Clown Prince of Crime looking to make a new life for himself as a semi-respectful villain…with a family, while Batman and Catwoman embrace new kinks within their relationship. Yes, you read that right.

Harley Quinn Season 3 releases on HBO Max on July 28.

Aimee Hart

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