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Harley and Ivy fans delight in the Eat Bang Kill Tour

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series has a special place in my heart for being a delightful, bombastic animated show that rocked my world, and now her adventures continue in Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat Bang Kill Tour!

For a while now DC has done their best to move Harley away from being a victim of the Joker’s constant abuses, shaping her into a character that’s arguably more than popular than the Clown Prince of Crime. She’s a fan-favorite, and Harlivy (fans of the shipping pair Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy) has been a popular request from even Margot Robbie, who plays Quinn’s live-action counterpart in films like The Suicide Squad (2021) and Birds of Prey (2020).

In Harley Quinn: The Animated Series season 2, we last saw Harley and the villainess-turned-anti-hero Poison Ivy racing off with Jim Gordon and Gotham City PD hot on their tails. The two ladies car had a ‘Just Married’ sign stamped on the back of their car, and before you get too excited, it was due to the fact that Ivy had just left her boyfriend Kite Man at the altar. Why? Because she’s actually in love with Harley. We won’t spoil anymore about the whole background of the events, but if you’re interested then you should probably go check out the Harley Quinn show for yourself. We’re certain you’re going to love it!

As for The Eat Bang Kill Tour, written by Tee Franklin with art from Max Sarin, it picks off straight away from the end of season 2 and has Harley and Ivy dealing with a lot of things: feelings, Jim Gordon, and Ivy’s guilt at leading Kite Man in a relationship that she wasn’t 100% feeling good about. And, if Franklin’s Twitter musings are to be believed, it’s also going to be as racy as the cartoon itself! Consider us intrigued!

Here’s a full summary of what to expect:

Picking up directly from the cliffhanger ending of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series, Harley and Ivy are on the run after narrowly escaping Ivy’s ill-fated wedding to Kite Man. But who is chasing them, and where will this Thelma-and-Louise journey end? It all starts here!”

The comic is set to release on September 1st for UK fans, but US fans that are subscribed to DC Infinite Universe are able to obtain the full comic digitally right now! Yep, we’re super jealous about that.

Join Harley and Ivy in Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat Bang Kill Tour when it releases, but if you’re like us and wanting a bit of the action already, the check out the 7-page preview made available here!

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