Saturday, April 13, 2024

Female protagonist confirmed for Grand Theft Auto 6

It has been reported that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature a female protagonist.

As reported by Bloomberg, the female protagonist will be Latina and the character will reportedly work alongside another protagonist as bank robbers – with the intention of the two characters being similar to Bonnie and Clyde.

Speculation about a female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 6 has been rampant for a while now, however, the news has been met with a mixed reception due to the series’ previous misogynistic, racist and queerphobic history. Some of this content has already been removed in remakes and remasters.

Yet, according to the report, the developers at Rockstar are “being cautious not to “punch down” by making jokes about marginalized groups.”

Whether this means that women in future Grand Theft Auto games will have roles outside of being known as the ‘nagging wife’ or depicted as nothing but sex objects remains to be seen.

What we do know, via Bloomberg, is that the workplace culture in Rockstar has also changed – seemingly for the better. Employees previously described the place as “a workplace culture full of drinking, brawling and excursions to strip clubs” not unlike what is available for players to do in Grand Theft Auto. There was also the expectation for employees to crunch, working through the night and even at weekends. It led to Grand Theft Auto 5 being a monumental success, but as Bloomberg puts it, also led to “burnout, attrition and a public controversy in 2018.”

Now Rockstar is looking to clean up its image by restructuring the design department and keeping a watchful eye on overtime. One source described the change as “a boys’ club transformed into a real company.”

A release timeline for Grand Theft Auto 6 has not yet been confirmed.

Aimee Hart

[She/They] Aimee Hart is Editor-in-Chief of Gayming Magazine. She specializes in queer fandom, video games and tabletop, having started her career writing for numerous websites like The Verge, Polygon, Input Magazine and more. Her goal now is to boost LGBTQ+ voices in the video games industry.