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Bayonetta 3 launches on Nintendo Switch in October

Bayonetta 3 is looking hot to trot, with our favourite witch shooting and sashaying onto the Nintendo Switch this upcoming October 28.

The witch that slays has always meant something special to the LGBTQ+ community, and now the long-awaited sequel is set to arrive sooner rather than later. And thanks to the reveal trailer, we now know a few more details about what the game will feature – a new, feisty companion of Bayonetta’s called Viola, as well as multiple, large-scale Infernal battles.

“Bayonetta struts through multiple locations in an all-new, over-the-top climax action game. Sporting a wicked new ensemble and somehow familiar pigtails, the titular Umbra Witch must face a mysterious evil using her signature guns and time-slowing Witch Time ability.” The YouTube trailer summarizes. “This time, invading manmade bioweapons called Homunculi find themselves in Bayonetta’s crosshairs.”

The reveal of another Bayonetta that players will have to fight already has the community speculating on who, or what, it could be. It isn’t the first time that Bayonetta’s had to deal with multiverse shenanigans, after all.

There will also be a Bayonetta 3 Trinity Masquerade Edition, which will include 3 reversible game case covers, a 200+ page art book, and more.

Check out the reveal trailer for the October release date of Bayonetta 3 below. But be warned, it’s too camp for words.

Alongside Bayonetta 3, the original Bayonetta will launch as a limited standalone physical edition for the Nintendo Switch on September 30.

Bayonetta 3 launches on October 28 for the Nintendo Switch.

Aimee Hart

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