Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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The Last of Us show and multiplayer get updates at Summer Game Fest

During Thursday’s kickoff Summer Game Fest stream, fans got updates about all things The Last of Us, including the upcoming TV show, the Part I PS5 remake, and a separate release of the multiplayer mode from the first game.

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann took the stage alongside Geoff Keighley to deliver the upcoming news about his studio’s smash-hit zombie franchise. He kicked things off by announcing that the studio has decided to break the first game’s multiplayer mode out into a standalone version, in order to do it justice. Druckmann emphasized that while the development team is ready to announce this version’s existence, they’re only ready to give a sneak peek at what else the title has in store.

Druckmann said that the standalone multiplayer game is almost as big as previous The Last of Us titles, if not bigger in some ways. He also noted that it does have a storyline players will follow, set in a different location (San Francisco, based on the concept art shown) than previous games and featuring an all-new cast of characters. Druckmann told Keighley that this is all the information that we’ll be getting about this game until sometime next year.

Next up were updates about the upcoming The Last of Us TV show, coming to HBO Max. The show, which stars Pedro Pascal as Joel, has been filming in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. According to Druckmann, the HBO show is “authentic to what we made.” Filming will wrap up on Friday, and Druckmann told Keighley that the show’s release is likely “closer than you think.”

Naughty Dog also took the opportunity to show off the upcoming The Last of Us Part I remake for the PS5. The studio completely remade character models for this version, replacing those that were used in the PS4 remaster. In addition to the entire first game, this version will also include the Left Behind DLC.

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