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Leaked The Last of Us TV show images reveals Sam and Henry

New images of the set of The Last of Us TV show have leaked online via a Naughty Dog fan account, revealing the characters of Sam and Henry in the process.

Images have leaked from the set before, showing off Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsay as Ellie. However, most of them have been quite blurred, making this new image from NaughtyDogInfo stand head and shoulders above the crowd. With this image, you can clearly see characters we assume to be Henry and Sam.

The cast members seem to be wrapped up in winter clothing, with Ellie, in particular, wearing her winter wear from later on in-game. This doesn’t exactly mean that this scene takes place later on though, as it is cold in Calgary where the cast is shooting.

There is also a tweet of the four of them rushing from place to place, before entering a building. We speculate that this is just after the first meeting between the two groups.

Sam and Henry only appeared in The Last of Us for a short time, but their impact cannot be overstated. Sam was a small boy who became Ellie’s friend throughout the first part of the game, Henry was Sam’s old brother and was fiercely protective of him – often making sure he did nothing to risk them being caught unaware by the infected.

SPOILER ALERT, but both brothers eventually die in The Last of Us video game. Sam due to being bitten, and Henry through suicide after he realizes his brother is long gone. Whether this will change in the TV show hasn’t been confirmed, but as we’ve seen from other TV show series that have been made from video games or books, etc, some things do have a chance of changing.

The Last of Us TV show still has not confirmed the release date.

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