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LGBTQ+ must-plays from the 2022 Summer Sales

Summer is in full swing, and so are Steam, Nintendo, and‘s annual sales on their respective platforms. With so many great games available at a discount in the various 2022 summer sales, it may feel a bit overwhelming to browse these sales, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite games that are currently on sale through July 6-7.

LGBTQ+ must-plays from the 2022 Summer Sales

A Summer’s End: Hong Kong 1986

This Oracle & Bone title follows two young women, Samantha and Michelle, after they meet by chance one night after work. The two share an instant spark and connection, but Michelle is from a very conservative background and has a hard time accepting it. A Summer’s End explores both sides of this relationship and the ways it can pan out.

Vincent: The Secret of Myers

Dino999z’s second visual novel is set in the same universe as Therapy With Doctor Albert Kreuger, but is a beefier experience with a different art style. This one focuses on the G4 district and the (in)famous Myers corporation, which has closed in the face of a massive scandal around human experimentation and kidnapping. Players take on the role of a mysterious woman who’s lost her memories, and is determined to find them within the old Myers building. Vincent: The Secret of Myers is currently in alpha, so only four chapters are available in the Vincent storyline, but this is almost a complete plot within itself and the additional chapters seem well worth the wait.

Paradise Killer

Kaisen Gameworks dazzled with their vaporwave murder mystery visual novel, Paradise Killer. You take on the role of Lady Love Dies, a banished detective who is brought back to her society of Eldritch immortals as a last resort when their governmental council is slaughtered just as they’re about to move to a new magic island. No one can leave until the crime is solved, or at least prosecuted, so it’s up to you to get the job done.

Raptor Boyfriend

Raptor Boyfriend is Rocket Adrift’s second game. This time, you play as a teenage girl named Stella who’s taking on her final year of high school in the town she used to visit every summer as a child. Stella is awkward, over-thinks, and is mega-thirsty, but she has a good heart and is trying her best. There are three potential love interests Stella can pursue: the titular raptor boyfriend, a bigfoot, and a fairy. Each has their own emotional stuff going on that Stella has to face and accept.


This browser game from paranoidhawk about two gay and trans masc outlaws living in the old west. The pair meet away from their respective gangs and head to a town that has rumors of gold about it together. You follow their adventure, and see what comes of their encounter. Lookouts is available in the 2022 Queer Games Bundle.

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