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The Sims 4 Pronouns Update – How to use and how to change pronouns

Yesterday The Sims 4 pronouns update was revealed, and already it’s the best update the game has ever added.

But what does this update add to the base game, and how do pronouns work in The Sims 4 in the first place? Applause please because we’ve got just the guide for you that will explain everything!

The Sims 4 Pronouns Guide – What are pronouns and why do they matter in The Sims 4?

Pronouns are a part of everyday life and aren’t just some fancy-schmancy thing that the Maxis team have added to the game. A pronoun is a noun that is used to refer to itself or a group of participants, or something mentioned elsewhere. The most common pronouns are she/her, they/them and he/him, though much like how it has been included in The Sims 4 update, there are custom pronouns that can be used too.

With this in mind, The Sims 4 team’s choice to bring pronouns into the game has been something that’s long been desired by fans for well over a year. Back in April of 2021, a streamer called Momo Misfortune put together a petition asking Maxis to include pronouns in the game. That November, the developers announced that pronouns would be coming during an Inside Maxis stream.

Why they matter is for a number of reasons, but the main one is that it allows Simmers to create Sims that they feel represent not just them, but the world around them. It also helps normalize the use of acknowledging pronouns and their importance in everyday life.

The Sims 4 pronouns update
How to access Create-A-Sim in-game
The Sims 4 Pronouns Guide – How do you add pronouns to your Sims in-game?

Depending on whether you’re starting a new game or not, the way to add pronouns can differ slightly. If you’ve already got the Sim you want to play as in-game, press SHIFT and left-click on them. You’ll see a few options, but the one you want to click on is “Modify in CAS”.

However, if you want to add pronouns to a new Sim, all you have to do is start a new game and head to Create-A-Sim. Easy peasy!

Once in Create-A-Sim you must go to the top left corner where you’ll see the option to fill in a First and Last name. Before there was nothing beside this, but now there is the aforementioned pronouns update, letting you pick between she/her, he/him, they/them and custom pronouns.

As you can see, the change is very minimal in what you have to do in order to for your Sims pronouns to be altered. All it takes is a click of the mouse and voila, your Sims pronouns will be changed and they will appear next to their name in CAS. And, as you may have guessed, you can change them in CAS once again if you want to.

Funnily enough, these pronouns can also work for your pets too. An unusual addition, but we assume this is just because pets and Sims share the same creative system rather than the team making some sort of statement.

The Sims 4 Pronouns Guide – What are custom pronouns and how do I use them?

If you’d like to include pronouns for your Sims that aren’t the three that is included in the drop-down menu of the game, you can do so by selecting the custom pronouns. This opens up a boxed menu where you’re able to add your own pronouns, as well as see them reflected in an example.

This is particularly useful for Simmers who use a variety of pronouns and want to see that reflected. For example, if you’re like me and go by the pronouns she/they, you can reflect those changing pronouns by adding them in the custom pronouns menu and swapping them up. That way your Sim will sometimes be referred to as them, and sometimes as her.

Currently, The Sims 4 pronouns update is only in English, but that is set to change in the future as the team continues to work on improving the game.

Aimee Hart

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