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Sims 4 to share an update on pronouns next year

It was in April this year that Twitch Streamer Momo Misfortune created a petition asking for Maxis, the developer behind the ever-popular Sims series, to add pronouns to The Sims 4.

Now, thanks to the most recent Inside Maxis livestream, we now know that the inclusion of pronouns in The Sims 4 is not just a hot topic but something that the team over at EA are serious about.

A producer on The Sims 4, SimsGuru, updated fans on the Maxis’ team progress about adding pronouns to the game. He first mentioned May, where The Sims team had opened up about adding more non-binary language into The Sims, meaning that there was more gender-neutral dialogue (such as using Sims names instead of he/she) added.

He explained that since then the team at Maxis has researched “global language characteristics”, as well as has reached out to consultants and “collected data” on areas where change to The Sims 4 might be needed.

“In January 2022 during the first Inside Maxis of the new year we’re hosting a fireside chat with members of our development team where we will share an update, including the research completed to date, more on our partnership with our external experts and the work-in-progress wireframes.” SimsGuru said. “Make sure to tune in!”

The original petition from Momo Misfortune acknowledges that the original Sims 4 has “come a long way for members of the LGBTQIA2+” community due to letting players customize the gender of their characters through the game’s character creator. But that there was, ultimately, a long way to go for players wanting to create transgender and/or non-binary Sims. This was largely due to The Sims 4’s use of gendered language based on the body players had chosen, which then often led to the misgendering of Sims.

With a new update coming in early 2022, we’re hopeful that the option to choose pronouns for your Sims will be included sooner rather than later.

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