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Rune Factory 5 Romance Options Guide

Rune Factory 5 follows the story of an amnesiac ranger called Alice or Ares as they begin their new life in the small town of Rigbarth. Along the way, they’ll meet and get to know more about the interesting townies, who also act as romance options in Rune Factory 5.

Previously romance options in the Rune Factory series have been restricted to heterosexual relationships, but that has changed for 5. Instead, LGBTQ+ players will be able to have their cake and eat it too, meaning that no matter which protagonist you play, you’ll be able to fall in love with whoever you want to.

Overall, there are 12 romance options for you to choose from, and each has their own unique personality. Some will be brash, some will be loud, and all of them will be looking for someone to love. That’s where you come in.

See below to find out more about all of Alice and Ares’ love interests.

Rune Factory 5 Romance Options Guide – Bachelors

A very jovial, but somewhat careless were-animal who runs Rigbarth’s only inn. Murakumo goes out of his way to care for others, but that often leads to him giving away freebies to customers, meaning that his profit? Well, it can’t get much worse… Even so, he does this because he wants to make people happy.

After meeting the protagonist Alice or Ares, Murakumo becomes more educated about what his patrons are thinking and feeling, and does his best to improve Rigbarth’s inn.


An apprentice blacksmith who is working hard to perfect his craft and grow in renown as being the best blacksmith in the world, Martin mostly focuses on his work. Because of this, he is not fond of talking to others and is quite introverted. This often leads to misunderstandings between him and other townies living in Rigbarth.

Apparently, it is even rumoured that he has names for his tools…


Cecil is Martin’s younger brother, whose number one goal is track down their missing parents. Because of this, Cecil idolizes detectives and trains himself to try and become one. Thankfully, his insatiable curiosity helps a lot!

Due to differences unknown, Martin and Cecil do not talk all that often and are very distant with one another. Even so, Cecil still adores his older brother.

Rune Factory 5 Romance Options

If you think you love to sleep more than Ryker, an apprentice carpenter in the town of Rigbarth, you’ve got another thing coming! This sleepy carpenter owes a great debt to his mentor, one that he’ll share with the protagonist as you grow closer.

Ryker is very good at his job, but his lack of work ethic means that he doesn’t always give off the best impression – especially to the more diligent townies like Martin. He is also often lectured by those older than him, and can be seen as quite the child. However, at night a more approachable, but cooler side of him emerges.

Rune Factory 5 Romance Options

Lucas is a mysterious, well-dressed gentleman who wandered into town one day. The catch? He has no clue who he is, or why he is in the town of Rigbarth. What he does know is that his interest is easily piqued, and he constantly takes notes on anything that catches his attention.

Despite having lost his memories, Lucas does seem to know quite a few things about the world and often impresses his knowledge onto the people around him.


Reinhard is an extremely talented knight who comes from the Kingdom of Norad. With such talent and a history of politics behind him, most townies are curious on the reason why he chose to visit Rigbarth in the first place.

He possesses a strong sense of duty and a fierce intellect, but since he never tries to force his morals on others, he’s earned a reputation as a trustworthy person. However, he starts to share a whole different side of himself with the protagonist.

Rune Factory 5 Romance Options Guide – Bachelorettes

Fuuka is a were-animal nomad who moves from place to place, country to country, town to town. She has only recently ended up in Rigbarth, but has already become a wholesome part of the town due to her cheerful nature.

Fuuka has experienced many hardships in life, but as with most things that have to do with trauma, she has got to the point that she can laugh it all off. She’s also a second-language learner, and is slowly but surely picking up numan speech.

Rune Factory 5 romance options

Priscilla is best described as a ‘cinnamon roll’ who must be protected and worshipped throughout life. This sweet woman was born and raised in Rigbarth, so knows the town like the back of her hand, though her reason for not leaving the town does seem to be because she is fearful of something.

As for her day to-day life, she tends to make a lot of mistakes every single day, which can be frustrating, but most people forgive her because of her loving and kind nature. Priscilla is also someone who plans ahead, making her dependable despite her mistakes.

Rune Factory 5 Romance Options

Scarlett is a half-elf, half-human SEED ranger that is currently on an assignment in Rigbarth, where she works hard to prove herself to everyone around her. She works as much as she does in order to be just like her father.

Scarlett always does things by the book and is a tad rigid when it comes to being stuck in her ways. Still, she sometimes feels conflicted on who she truly is.


Ludmilla is a succubus who takes the art of seduction and love very seriously – which is why she is totally head-over-heels for the protagonist. She has been described as having “great endurance” and “can put up with a lot of punishment.” Whatever that means, Marvelous…

She enjoys finding herself in risky and risque situations, and loves doing whatever she pleases as long as it amuses her. Despite this though, she can be quite serious and tends to keep her distance from others in order to make sure her succubus nature doesn’t overwhelm them.


A secretive noblewoman on a secret mission, Beatrice is quick to establish her many talents – including playing beautiful music, as well as her ability to ride monsters. Despite these virtues, Beatrice is actually very sheltered and out of touch with the world outside of her royal blood – though she does have a strong sense of responsibility.

She originally planned to leave as soon as she finished her business in Rigbarth, she has a change of heart once she gets to know the protagonist and the townsfolk.

Rune Factory 5 Romance Options

Lucy is a loyal friend of Priscilla’s who she has known since childhood – because of that, she’s quite protective over her, and often goes out of her way to cheer her up or make sure she’s not in any dangerous situations.

She’s also very active and competitive, often throwing down a challenge for the protagonist whenever they interact. High spirited and cheerful, Lucy gets along with everybody.

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