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High Guardian Spice wows fans with its openly trans character

High Guardian Spice, a 12-episode cartoon featuring a group of four school girls as its protagonists, was released on Crunchyroll yesterday and it’s already proving to be a big hit with LGBTQ+ fans thanks to its openly trans character.

The character in question is Professor Caraway, a teacher at the High Guardian Academy who is kind and nurturing to all his students. He is also a trans man, something which has already attracted fans to the show after a fan posted a particular scene with this character from High Guardian Spice on their Twitter.

The scene comes from Episode 3 of High Guardian Spice, where Professor Caraway speaks to Rosemary about their past with her mother and shows the young girl a picture book. Rosemary notes that there’s a girl in the picture alongside her mother that looks like Caraway and asks the professor if that’s his sister.

“It’s me, actually.” Caraway replies, prompting Rosemary to become confused and ask if he is a girl, to which Caraway states outright that he is transgender.

Twitter user dataspacs shared their shock at the reveal below:

In a continuation of the thread, dataspacs shared two other clips from High Guardian Spice. The second was a continuation of the first, with Caraway explaining that he was born into a female body but that wasn’t the right body for him.

“So I used new magic to change it.” Caraway tells Rosemary. He even goes on to say that he takes a potion once a month so he can still keep the body that fits who he truly is, an obvious metaphor for hormone replacement therapy.

The reaction to this scene has been incredibly positive, and while some have criticized that it seems like a rather blunt way to convey a character is trans it should be noted that the person playing Caraway is the creator of the show, Raye Rodriguez, who is also a trans man.

High Guardian Spice can be watched exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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