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Female-led anime High Guardian Spice premieres today on Crunchyroll

If you’re looking for something to watch this Tuesday, then look no further than High Guardian Spice – a female-led anime that follows four different characters as they enroll into High Guardian Academy. Their goal: to become guardians of the city.

Described as a combination of Cardcaptor Sakura and Harry Potter, High Guardian Spice was created by Raye Rodriguez, a trans man, and was originally scheduled to be Crunchyroll’s very first original series, but it was unfortunately delayed for 2 years. The reason for the delay is still under speculation, though some have argued it was due to the negative response to how the anime looked, and that it was ‘trying to push an agenda’. You know, the usual ‘SJW ruin everything’ BS.

But now the anime is making a glorious return, premiering today on Crunchyroll.

The four protagonists, Rose, Sage, Thyme, and Parsley, are school girls who each have something special about themselves and, through their time together, sharpen their skills and learn who they truly are. On the way, they’ll have to navigate hardships like betrayal while trying to protect the world from an ominous threat.

It has been advertised as a show with a team behind it that is inclusive and diverse. According to the president of Women in Animation, Marge Dean, High Guardian Spice has a team of where everyone in the writer’s room is female, “which makes sense as it’s a show about young girls” and the crew is 50% female, while also being “ethnically and LBGTQ+ diverse.”

As of now, we don’t know if that diversity will be apparent in the show itself, but keep your eyes peeled anyway because tonight is the night to watch the show’s very first episode. To find out more information, check out the anime’s official Twitter account.

High Guardian Spice is available exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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