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Life is Strange: True Colors Guide – Finding Ethan at the Mine

Life is Strange: True Colors is an emotional journey filled with highs and lows and sometimes the stakes aren’t incredibly high, but things get pretty intense when the group has to go search for Ethan near the Haven mines in Chapter 1. 

Alex ends up making the connection between the mine and Ethan’s comic, which means the group has a pretty big lead on his whereabouts. You can reference the comic and flip through its pages to follow in Ethan’s footsteps. Or you can just keep reading and move on to the next part of Alex’s story.

After getting control of Alex again, make your way to the center of the area. There’s a rubber zombie next to a campfire. This area will be important shortly as we will be using it to make our way to the next area. After you’re done exploring, head over to the Mine Shaft gate where Ryan and Gabe are standing. 

Investigate the Mine Shaft door to trigger a cutscene where Gabe shares some history about Jed and the mine. This is when Alex looks up and notices the similarities between the area and Ethan’s comic book. She informs Gabe and Ryan of her discovery and then makes an additional connection. 

In Ethan’s comic, the hero heads toward a watchtower. This is when she spots a silo nearby. Gabe runs over to attempt to pick a lock while Alex and Ryan look for another way. After all, Ethan had to have gotten in another way. You can now press a dedicated button to pull up Ethan’s comic and flip through its pages. 

Make your way to the rubber zombie, which lines up with the middle panel on page 2 of Ethan’s comic. Pull up the comic and look at page 2. Alex will remark on how it should be easier to find Ethan since she’s confirmed the comic is based on the mining area. Now make your way to the sliding door with the graffiti on it. Pull out Ethan’s comic again and check pages 3 and 4. 

Alex and Ryan will now work together to open the sliding door in a cutscene. When you regain control, make your way forward until you see some stairs on your left. There’s some sheet metal in front of them. Interact with the sheet metal to move it, unlocking the way for the group to continue their search for Ethan. 

After you reach the top of these stairs, continue up the next set in front of Alex. Take a right at the top of those stairs. Take another right after reaching the window. Interact with the Conveyor Belt and check the comic. Alex will remark that she will be taking a different route than Ethan. Turn around and start to leave but stop at the Chain Hoist that’s just past the window you walked past. 

Interact with the Chain Hoist to open the door, allowing Alex and Ryan to exit the building. Make your way toward Ryan when you’re done exploring. Gabe comes through the door as Alex and Ryan exit the building, having finished picking the lock. A cutscene with the group finding out they need to head toward the ravine to continue their search. 

After the next cutscene finishes, you’ll need to make your way across the log. Ethan will begin to panic. Follow the on-screen prompts to make it safely to the other side. There are some conversation prompts between Alex and Ethan as well. 

Life is Strange Ethan

Alex learns Ethan is afraid of something he sees below the log. After interacting with Ethan and his belongings, Alex is able to look and see what’s troubling him. 

She is able to look below the log and see it how Ethan sees it. The sight below the log and cliffside looks like a scary face. Alex is almost overwhelmed by the same fear as Ethan but completely overwhelmed.

Follow the on-screen prompts to move across the log with Ethan and respond to conversation prompts. Make sure you keep the camera pointed up and don’t stop moving. When Alex and Ethan are almost safely across, the log begins to break. You’ll regain control and be able to continue moving. A cutscene will play as Alex and Ethan reach the other side, concluding the first chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors.

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