Friday, March 1, 2024
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Full tracklist for Life is Strange: True Colors revealed

With Life is Strange: True Colors just around the corner, the folks over at Square Enix have today announced the full tracklist of all of the great songs you’ll be able to hear and listen to throughout your time with Alex in Haven Springs. This tracklist also includes Life is Strange: Wavelengths, the DLC that follows fan-favourite character, and one of Alex’s potential love interests, Steph Gingrich.

The full tracklist for Life is Strange: True Colors includes artists from a span of different genres, such as mxmtoon (who also plays the role of Alex Chen’s singing voice), Angus & Julia Stone, Girl in Red, Kings of Leon and so much more. Each will add a unique element to the cozy, impactful narrative that the newest game is eager to tell.

The new game follows Alex Chen, a young, Asian-American woman who has spent most of her life alone, but wants to try and reconnect with her brother Gabe Chen in the mountain town of Haven Springs. However, her dream to settle down and start anew is stripped away from her after her brother dies in a mysterious accident. Players will have to help Alex uncover the truth behind her brother’s death by using her supernatural ability that she feels is more like a curse: the ability to know what others are thinking and feeling.

Throughout the player’s journey, they’ll also get the chance to listen and discover more music. Music has always been a significant component in the Life is Strange journey, and it’s great to see that it still plays such a key part in Life is Strange: True Colors.

“Music has always been a core part of Life is Strange. The emotions and feelings that music can elicit are such an incredible tool in a game that is all about exploring empathy,” states Jon Zimmerman, Narrative Director at Deck Nine Games. “For Life is Strange: True Colors, we wanted players to experience the peaks and valleys of Alex’s journey visually, emotionally, and auditorily. We are delighted to be able to feature such a diverse roster of truly inspiring musical talent.”

Ben Sumner, music supervisor at Feel For Music, says that the new game is the most ambitious project yet with “more licensed tracks than ever and exclusive new music from 3 major artists.”

You’ll be able to listen to the Life is Strange: True Colors tracklist over on Spotify.

Aimee Hart

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