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Life is Strange: True Colors introduces Alex Chen – gifted with the power to control emotions

Life is Strange: True Colors has finally revealed its new protagonist: a young, Asian-American girl called Alex Chen, voiced by the talented Erika Mori.

The reveal of Life is Strange: True Colors new protagonist was shown through the Square Enix Presentation Event that aired today, showcasing a variety of new games. But none quite got our attention than Life is Strange, a series from DontNod that often introduces new, intriguing powers and enthralling, empathetic protagonists, too.

For Alex Chen, their powers are quite unlike the reversal of time, or telekinesis, and her view of it is wildly different from Max and Daniel, too. Ever since she discovered it, Alex has suppressed her ‘curse’ – the supernatural ability to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others, which she sees as blazing, colored auras.

However, after a terrible accident that leads to the death of her brother, Alex must make the decision to embrace her powers to find out the truth hidden in her small, mysterious town.

This new story will have the Life is Strange series completely leave the episodic format, but will still deliver a story throughout 5 different chapters. Unlike previous games, this game will have more of a focus on exploration, with a town bursting full of secrets and optional content.

Steph Gringrich is one of your love interests this time around.

And as always, with a new game means brand new music. Life is Strange has always had a phenomenal soundtrack, and with this new game players will have the chance to listen to a large roster of licensed and original tracks. From the likes of Novo Amor, whose song ‘Haven’ you can hear in the announcement trailer, as well as mxmtoon – a breakthrough talent and social media superstar – behind the singing voice of Alex Chen in their own rendition of ‘Creep’, Life is Strange: True Colors is shaping up to have a killer soundtrack.

Life is Strange: True Colors will also focus on what makes a ‘home’ and tackling themes of friendship, loss, family, and the question of belonging. Alex will meet a variety of different people throughout the course of the game, and has the chance to form relationships with two characters: Steph and Ryan. Players of Life is Strange: Before the Storm will recognize Steph as the upbeat, openly lesbian character who won our hearts over ever since her first appearance. We’re excited to see how Alex’s bisexuality will be handled in the latest instalment.

Overall, the new Life is Strange game looks to be taking the franchise forward in new and exciting ways, and we most certainly cannot wait to play the game for ourselves.

Life is Strange: True Colors will release on September 10th for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia as well as PC on Steam

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