Thursday, December 7, 2023

Jungle Cal will be the mod to get you back into Jedi: Fallen Order

While we did take some affront to Cal Kestis not looking all that cool in a poncho during our time with Jedi: Fallen Order, we think this new Jungle Cal mod will keep us standing at attention and ready to dive back into the sci-fi world of Star Wars.

Considering that Cal has been on the run for a lot of his life, it makes sense that he wears clothes that hide who he is, but what about those of us out there who play our Star Wars games with one thing in mind: ogling the hot people they have playing all our favourite characters? Oh don’t judge us, we know you do the same!

Created by user MaxVeers23 over on Nexus Mods, Jungle Cal is Veers take on the young man we take hold of during our time in Jedi: Fallen Order.

“Inspired by those jungle-kid/raised-by-the-wookiees stories/movies, and adding a little bit of prehispanic/mesoamerican details, today I bring you people my vision of Cal as having been raised/trained in the wild,” explains Veers.

Veers also has several – including NSFW – mods that have Cal transform into a female version of himself, as well as a mod that makes all the stormtroopers you come across appear in their tightie-whities. We…love to see it?

To check out Veers work for yourself, including the Jungle Cal mod, then head on over to their (NSFW) official user page.