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Gamers furious that new Apex Legends character Seer might be gay

EDIT: As of 02/08/2021, Apex Legends lead writer Amanda Doiron has confirmed that the newest legend Seer is not gay, but pansexual.

Apex Legends has fed the LGBT+ community real well ever since it launched. We’ve got a whole cast of diverse characters, and even a little queer love triangle going on to really sate us, and let’s not get started on how beautiful everyone is. Yes, even Caustic. So, with that in mind, why are people furious that Apex Legends new character Seer might be gay?

That’s right, gamers – and us – don’t even have any information on whether the newest Legend might even be gay in the first place. Folks just took one look at Seer, possibly the most beautiful man they’ve ever seen, and got so offended at the possibility that ‘yet another’ Apex Legends character might be gay that it’s all they can talk about. Seriously, just look at the mess under Apex Legends News. It’s weird, but homophobes are known to be pretty damn weird.

For those who don’t know, Seer is this beautiful hunk of a man that seems to have some very tragic past. It causes people to shun him in society, and while we don’t really know the reason for that, it’s got some people speculating that it’s because he isn’t heterosexual. Honestly, this seems pretty stupid to me since the Apex Legends cast is very LGBT+ inclusive, so we doubt it’s got anything to do with that.

If Seer doesn’t kiss men then god, we wish he would.

What has me scratching my head in confusion though is that gamers are upset now. We’ve had Loba, Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Fuse, and even, arguably, Mirage who have expressed that they’re either not heterosexual or cisgender. None are even remotely apologetic about it. And while Bloodhound has had some gamers absolutely lose their shit for no reason but being cis babies about the whole thing, the volatile reaction of some Apex fans to Seer possibly being gay has me reading into what the problem actually is.

The majority of the comments about Seer being gay seems to be focused on his design. It’s too ‘effeminate and goes against what a masculine hero ‘should look like’. Considering that two of the most masculine men in this game are gay and pansexual, these sort of comments are ridiculous and only highlights the fact that anyone actively upset about Seer’s ‘feminine’ design are wildly insecure about their own masculinity. Truly sad.

There was only one comment I saw that made me go ‘huh, they have a point there’ and it was someone pointing out that Seer looks like ‘Lil Nas X’s boyfriend’ and to be honest I’m totally unaware if Lil Nas X has a boyfriend or not but I think that, with both of them being kings of fashion, they’d be a lovely couple. So sure, let’s say that makes Seer gay.

In all seriousness though, Apex Legends has not confirmed Seer’s sexuality whatsoever. There is no proof until Respawn either confirms that speculation or players find out themselves. Personally, I hope that one of Seer’s first voice lines is him just saying ‘I love men and I like kissing them all the time’. That’d be neat.

We’ll find out more about Seer and Apex Legends newest season on the 22nd of July, during EA Play.

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