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Dead by Daylight modders add most requested feature: Shirtless Myers

Dead by Daylight has been receiving something of a modding renaissance lately, with a whole community of modders unpacking the game to add pretty creative content: new skins designs, perk re-designs, and a lot more. One mod however caught our eye, and it’s because it finally added in the most requested feature in Dead by Daylight: shirtless Michael Myers.

Unlike shirtless Felix (which let’s be honest, will probably just look like a regular shirtless dude), shirtless Myers is as eye-catching as you’d expect it to be and is just as enthralling. Maybe it’s because we’re running away from him? That could be a possibility.

Shirtless Myers has been a hot request from many fans. But with the Killer being one, very popular and still very much in the spotlight with a new Halloween film coming this year, and two, licensed, there’s been very little hope that Dead by Daylight would include anything related to a shirtless Michael Myers.

And they still haven’t! Modders instead have taken it upon themselves to create the mod and in all honesty, it doesn’t look all that bad. If you want to see it for yourself in video form, then I recommend watching it in action here. Take in that overly muscular form and try not to drool or I’ll have no choice but to bonk you.

The mod is created by user Schinsly and Stefan Salvatore, and is able to be equipped by using Myer’s signature look in the original game. The only difference is that instead of overalls you’ll get shirtless Myers and his very pointy nipples. He’ll still try and stab you with his knife (we really do mean knife, by the way) all the same, though.

How you can do this for yourself can be found via YouTube tutorials online, which I won’t be linking to solely because modding your game files like this can lead to you getting banned. But if you’re interested, it is there and it won’t be hard to find.

And…because we’re so kind, here’s a shirtless Felix mod too. You’re welcome.

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