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New Dead by Daylight visual update makes all the Survivors hot

As always, we give you the hottest of news and that’s why it’s only fair that we let you know that while the Survivors of Dead by Daylight were always pretty sexy – including Nea, you cowards – the new visual update for the PTB has given a handful of them an improved, updated look.

And well, they don’t look half bad! As far as we can tell, the majority of Survivors have all received some sort of change, even if it isn’t a substantial one. For example, Yun-Jin Lee seems to have had the shape of her lips changed, but not much else. Then there’s Bill who apart from his beret obviously not having any textures loaded in, looks somewhat more gaunt than usual. Weird!

Overall, a fair amount of changes. Though they’ve certainly been fairly controversial too. For one, it looks like Manchester stud David King has had something about him nerfed – and no we don’t mean his face. We’re, of course, talking about Mr King’s abs. What once was a very prominent six-pack has now been vanquished into the Entity’s Void. Like, it’s fine because David is still great, but…that six-pack…

Source: I See You on YouTube

Anyway. The survivors who received the biggest changes from the Dead by Daylight visual update are Dwight, Jake, Nea, Claudette, Meg, David, Tapp, Quentin, Laurie, Feng, Jeff, and Ace. As you can see from the header above, Jake in particular is looking pretty damn good. The glow-up is just damn incredible.

But what really made this PTB stand out is that it allowed us to finally see more personality within each of the character changes. For example, we now can see that Jeff really is not in the same age bracket as Quentin or Meg, and we can tell how anxious Claudette looks with a new animation that has her hand moving up to touch her neck. As much as we joke that this update made them all hot, it also just adds a lot of unique traits to them too. And hell, even if you hate the updates, you can’t deny that they stand out.

Because this is the PTB, it doesn’t mean that these visual updates will be in the next update of Dead by Daylight for consoles and PC – as much as we want them to be. They could be pushed back for more reworks, or even scrapped entirely. We just really don’t know what Behavior Interactive’s plan is with this one, sorry!

To find out more about the Dead by Daylight visual update, check out what the developers had to say during the game’s 5th-anniversary live stream.

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