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Can you be gay in Life is Strange: True Colors?

Life is Strange: True Colors isn’t out yet – just another few months to go before September, baby – but we still know a few things about it. Regardless, there’s one question that stands out from the rest: can you be gay in Life is Strange: True Colors?

Before we answer that, let’s recap what we do know: you play as Alex Chen, a young woman who really should just put ’empath’ on her dating profile because she can literally feel other people’s emotions. Her trip to Haven Springs goes terribly wrong after her brother dies in a so-called accident, forcing Alex to stay and uncover the shocking secrets behind his death.

Emotional tragedy? Check. Supernatural power? Sorta check. The protagonist is put through the wringer and hurting us in the process? VERY MUCH CHECK. Sounds like a Life is Strange story, alright.

Now onto the gay parts of Life is Strange: True Colors

As of writing this guide Life is Strange: True Colors is not yet out, but we already know that Alex has two potential love interests: Steph and Ryan. This isn’t all that surprising, both Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 followed this same formula, offering Max and Sean two potential love interests throughout their game, but we’re excited to know that queer players, particularly queer women, will have the opportunity to smooch a gal.

Players will recognize this gal, too. Steph originally appeared in Life is Strange: Before the Storm as the kind, nerdy friend of Chloe and Mikey. We don’t know what she’s been up to since the ending of that game, but players will get the opportunity to find out when they play Life is Strange: Wavelengths – a spin-off DLC that follows Steph before she came to the town of Haven Springs.

Life is Strange: True Colors will let you be hella gay, but we’ll expand more on how when the game releases this year on September 10th.

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