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Titan Comics reveals three brand new pages from Life is Strange: Coming Home

With Life is Strange: True Colors releasing in September, as well as getting its own comic book in August, fans might be wondering about what they can expect from Max and Chloe in Life is Strange: Coming Home. Well, thanks to Titan Comics, we can reveal three, brand new pages that’ll reveal more about one returning character, as well as her possible origins.

Life is Strange originally started as a video game that was released by French video game studio, DONTNOD Entertainment, back in 2015. The game was split up into episodes, and with each episode players got to know more about the time-travelling protagonist Max Caulfield, her best friend Chloe Price and the mystery behind the disappearance of Rachel Amber. Since then, a prequel, sequel, as well as a spin-off video game called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit have all been released to worldwide acclaim.

But it wasn’t the end for Max, Chloe or even Rachel Amber. A comic series created by author Emma Vieceli and artists Claudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo soon released in 2018. This comic series followed the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending of the original game, and has since expanded the time-travelling powers and universes that Max has found herself linked to.

The series is a thrilling read for fans of the original game, and the latest comic book will seemingly address Max returning to her original timeline. She was split from it after an incident that took her to a different timeline where Rachel Amber is alive, and her, Chloe and Max are finally able to become good, true friends with one another. It seems like the perfect timeline… But not everything is perfect.

This leads us to Life is Strange: Coming Home – check out the three, brand-new pages, below.

In these pages we’re introduced to the character Pixie. What her contribution to the series and the story in this arc remains to be seen – but we’re excited to find out!

The first issue of Life is Strange: Coming Home will be available to pre-order over on Amazon, Forbidden Planet, as well as your nearest local comic store for $5.99.

Make sure to give it a read to find out what comes next for Max, Chloe, and Rachel and perhaps even see a new, yet familiar face…

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