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Show support for the Trans community by purchasing the TTRPG Charity Bundle

Cat Elm, a tabletop writer and designer behind On The Path, The Witcher-inspired hack of Grant Howitt’s, has revealed the TTRPG Charity Bundle for Trans Support over on

The TTRPG Charity Bundle has 75 items on sale for just $20, which would have cost $352 altogether and lets you make a saving of 94% – an absolute bargain if you ask us! The bundle includes games like Ocean Tides: A Game of Entanglements, This Party Sucks, and Where The Sky’s as Red as Honey, some of which have queer storylines and concepts within gameplay and/or lore.

Now more than ever do we need to show support to the Trans community. There is a number different of ways to do that: speaking out against any anti-trans legislation, joining in protests, donating to trans charities – particularly those that help the homeless – and more. More importantly: speaking up in support.

For the TTRPG Charity Bundle for Trans Support the goal is to raise money for two charities that do amazing work to help support transgender people: Mermaids, a UK charity that helps support young people and children and Transgender Law Centre, a US charity that’s trans-led and advocates for trans rights in law, policy, and individual attitudes. The money will be then split between the two charities.

“At a time when it seems like there’s a new transphobic news story every morning, direct action and tangible support has never been more important. To every creator who added their work to the bundle and to each person who donates and helps to spread the word, we couldn’t be more grateful.” Elm told us after we reached out for comments. “I count myself so fortunate to be a part of a community that is so progressive and uplifting; every donation and share is another statement that trans rights are human rights, and that the TTRPG community overwhelmingly stands against oppression.”

The original goal for the TTRPG Charity Bundle for Trans Support was to reach $1,000, but has been increased to $5,000. Currently, the bundle is absolutely smashing that goal too. But don’t let that stop you from supporting this bundle, because the more that gets donated, the better! The TTRPG Charity Bundle for Trans Support will finish on July 3rd – plenty of time show your support.

In other news, are also hosting a Queer Games Bundle that features over 200 different games. If you want to help and can afford to, get both and support your community!

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