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Dead by Daylight reveals 2021 Pride plans – in-game items, charity matches, and more!

Hot on the heels of announcing a massive crossover with Resident Evil, horror smash Dead by Daylight has revealed its plans to celebrate Pride season.

“Diversity is something that means a lot to us here at Dead by Daylight,” developer Behaviour Interactive said in a blog post. “Both in terms of our team, and our incredibly supportive fans who identify as members of the LGBTQIA2+ community. This time of year is a chance for us to double down on celebrating our differences, the things that make us all unique, and to send the same dedication, support and love you’ve shown us right back your way.”

Players can look forward to some in-game bonuses, such as the free Rainbow flag which can be worn by any Survivor or displayed on a hook by any Killer. After all, nothing says “Gay rights now!” like slaughtering your enemies, right?

Wear it with Pride while you mercilessly dispatch your enemies! (©Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour will also be running a charity livestream event, fundraising for The Trevor Project, a US organisation that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth. The #IntoTheRainbow fundraiser will see two hosts and a diverse cast battle it out in five-on-five Dead by Daylight matches, with Behaviour promising “good times, great drag, and some amazing pride stories from our players and devs about the connection between DbD and their queer identities.”

The livestream event will take place on the official Dead by Daylight Twitch channel, on 18th June.

Pride is also coming to the mobile version of Dead by Daylight, with From a week-long special event running from 14-20 June. The all-character Bloodhunt+ will award players double Bloodpoints and twice the Character XP for any character they play.

(©Behaviour Interactive)

It’s not just virtual trinkets and ephemeral experience points though. Behaviour is also promising to bring more actual LGBTQ+ characters and content into the game, but says it does not want to rush material out for the sake of it.

Behaviour says, “our goal is to take the necessary time to ensure we get this right, creating the kinds of stories and characters devoid of negative tropes that our community deserves, versus simply checking a box”. The developer will be working with Brian Kunde and Katie Kaitchuck of GaymerX, who will serve as external advisors, including offering “specific consultations around in-game content and how we can approach these stories without falling into harmful representation.”

While it doesn’t sound as if those LGBTQ+ characters will be making an appearance during Pride month itself, it’s a good show of commitment from the developer to its loud and proud queer player base, and taking the time to get the content right should be applauded.

In the meantime, the incentives that are coming to and surrounding the game during Pride are sure to delight Dead by Daylight’s vocal LGBTQ+ fanbase.

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