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Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic to get an official remake

Strap into your seat gaymers, because Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic is reportedly getting an official remake! Considering the game is nearly 20 years old now, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The news comes after renowned video game reporter Jason Schreier confirmed the game was getting a remake during an episode of the MinMaxx Podcast.

Despite rumours of the remake circling, there had been no official confirmation. However, that has now changed with Schreier stating that the developer behind this remake will not be BioWare as first believed, but Aspyr Media.

Star Wars fans may recognize that name. Aspyr Media has quite the history in remastering older Star Wars games such as Star Wars: Republic Commando and Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, so it’s no surprise that the studio has taken the reins of Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic remake. It also won’t be the first time that Aspyr Media has worked on the game, as they worked on the game’s official mobile ports in 2013. Who better to work on a remake?

Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic, an RPG game set 4,000 years before the original trilogy that starred Luke, Han and Leia, follows the story of Revan. Unfortunately for Revan, they have no memory of who they are and, after crash-landing on planet Taris, must recruit companions and take up quests to figure out their past all the while fighting the dark forces of Darth Malak.

The game’s reception was incredibly positive, with the game receiving numerous awards and even a sequel later on. It’s no wonder that news of a remake has got fans excited.

Still, a remake begs the question on what will change about the game – besides from what it looks like. Will systems remain the same? Will our precious Cathar love interest still be a lesbian only romance option? Will Carth still be incredibly boring? Who is to say?

As of now, Aspyr Media has not confirmed or denied Schreier’s statement.

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