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Star Wars: Republic Commando releases on Switch and PS4 today

It’s a great day for Star Wars fans. Star Wars: Republic Commando releases on Switch and PS4 today, allowing players who couldn’t play the game on PC or Xbox a chance to get their hands on the first-person shooter.

Star Wars: Republic Commando thrusts players into The Clone Wars, putting you in the shoes of the legendary Delta Squad as they infiltrate and destroy their enemies. Because after all, nothing quite says war like marching your way through a ton of enemies just to do what your superior wants.

Originally developed and published by LucasArts – now known as LucasFilm Games – back in 2005 for PC and Xbox, this remaster is instead being handled by Aspyr Media. Aspyr Media have handled other Star Wars games in the past, such as Star Wars Racer and Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, so we’re almost certain that they’ll do a great job with this well-loved game.

What makes this game stand out amongst games like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and even Jedi: Fallen Order is that while it may look like a typical shooter, it’s anything but. In this game you do get to shoot a lot of things yes, but you’re also going to be controlling and making sure your fellow squadmates are doing well too. As long as you have their back, they’ll have yours.

Star Wars: Republic Commando on Nintendo Switch and PS4 will have modernized controls for better handling, and will be getting a much needed HD upgrade. Even if you’ve played the game before, this new look and working will add something new to the game.

If you’re looking for an action-filled, shooter adventure set in the well-loved sci-fi universe from George Lucas, then don’t hesitate. You can get Star Wars: Republic Commando on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 today for $14.99/£13.49.

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