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Learn to love who you are in the queer demo of Invisible Wings

Learning to love who you are, despite everyone telling you otherwise, is something that’s learned over time. And it’s something that players will have to guide Dawn, Invisible Wings protagonist, towards to try and get her happy ending.

Invisible Wings is a narrative-focused visual novel game that’s set in a fantastical, but dystopian world. While humans and faeries are supposed to be living in harmony with one another, side by side, faeries are in fact treated like second class citizens.

Players follow Dawn, a young woman of faerie descent that has been bullied all her life due to her appearance and her relation to faeries. All she wants is to live a normal life as a human and be a figure skater, and blames all her bad luck on her ancestors. But, that all changes when she meets Lillith, a faerie who quickly grows closer than a friend…

Invisible Wings isn’t just about dialogue though, you’ll be able to go through the colorful and diverse city of Ceylynn and interact with the things you discover in a way that is familiar for players of Life is Strange. You can uncover lore, and even more about other characters like Lillith and Aranea, Dawn’s best friend.

The love story in this game follows that of Dawn and Lillith. Unlike Dawn, Lillith is confident in who she is as a faerie and, in spite of her tragic past, she is cheerful and kind to everyone she meets. The two meet after Dawn sees Lillith in a figure skating competition, and become closer as they bond about their experiences. But will love blossom?

An Invisible Wings demo – lasting around 45 minutes – is available to play today over on Steam. After the release of the demo, developer Audune Games states that they’ll look into more crowdfunding to fully fund their vision and turn Invisible Wings into an immersive, narrative game.

You’re able to find out more about the game – and its characters – over on Audune Games official website.

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