Friday, March 1, 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Drag Race Star Kim Chi celebrates the newest Dead by Daylight chapter with fierce cosplay

Drag Race star Kim Chi, also known as one of the most powerful drag queens in America, has slain us all with her Yun-Jin Lee cosplay – a survivor from the popular horror game, Dead by Daylight.

All-Kill, the newest Dead by Daylight chapter has made quite the splash amongst gamers. Not only did it introduce some very popular changes to killers The Blight and The Wraith, but it introduced local, KPOP star turned murderer, The Trickster and girlboss Yun-Jin Lee, his former producer and the character whom our fabulous Kim Chi is cosplaying as – and wow, does she look fierce!

The collaboration between the drag star and Dead by Daylight is certainly a welcome one. Behavior Interactive, developer and publisher of the multiplayer asymmetrical horror game, has expressed their support of the LGBTQ+ community and has stated their commitment to being more inclusive.

As to be expected, Kim Chi is also enthused about the collaboration. “Dead by Daylight has been one of my favourite games, so it’s truly been an honour to create this Yun-Jin look. I’m a HUGE fan of K-POP and video games so this collaboration seemed like a match made in heaven.” They told Gayming Magazine.

One of the greatest things about Dead by Daylight is the variety of different cultures that have been brought to the game, via lore or in the cosmetics of the Survivors and Killers. Dead by Daylight’s All-Kill chapter included the very first Korean Survivor and Killer, and to mesh it with K-POP is a very big deal.

Source: Kim Chi in partnership with Behavior Interactive

“K-POP is gaining so much popularity around the world and just like K-POP, Korean gamers are NOTORIOUS in the gaming world for their skills and dexterity!” Kim Chi stated. “I think all the Korean gamers are gonna love seeing one of their own inside the game world because, despite the large Korean game fan base, we’re still underrepresented.”

Kim Chi was the first Korean-American drag queen on American national television, and has made it her mission to spread Korean culture to the world. And, with her fierce Yun-Jin Lee look? She’s doing a fabulous job!

Kim Chi first got into Dead by Daylight via TikTok, where she saw clips of the game – mostly people being impaled (wink) by the Killers. “It scared me and also intrigued me enough to check out the game! I love it so much now!”

But we couldn’t help ourselves. We love this killer look, so why not add some killer jabs too? At our question on just who Kim Chi would cast as which killer in a Ru-Paul x Dead by Daylight spin-off, she did not hold back!

“Naomi Smalls for Hag – both skinny and long limbs, so it’ll be a match made in heaven. We’ll give The Clown to Bianca Del Rio, Pig to Bob the Drag Queen, Plague to Kameron Michaels, Spirit to Plastique Tiara and I’ll take the Demogorgon.”

And as for the latest killer, The Trickster? Well… Kim Chi only had this to say about how thirsty she is for this K-POP stud.

“Despite being a killer, he’s got killer abs and a killer style so he can come murder this bussy any day!”

We love to hear it!

Dead by Daylight’s All-Kill Chapter is now available to play on all platforms. You can also follow Kim Chi on her Instagram and Twitter.

Aimee Hart

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