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The Trickster makes a killer appearance in new Dead by Daylight All-Kill chapter

The new Dead by Daylight All-Kill chapter is finally here, bringing new survivor Yun-Jin Lee and killer, Ji-Woon Hak aka The Trickster.

The Trickster, a K-Pop megastar turned killer, has been a dividing force for Dead by Daylight. Some don’t think he is up for the job as a ‘real Killer’ due to his outward appearance, whilst others are just eager to get chased by a hot-looking maniac with a penchant for throwing knives.

Regardless of your reason or how you feel about the new killer, the new All-Kill chapter offers not just two interesting new characters, but fascinating perks and a killer chapter trailer.

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After he let his bandmates die in a fire, Ji-Woon Hak became a solo artist known as The Trickster – a suitable name considering his true aim of creating music wasn’t just trying his best at acting and singing, but murdering his fans and using their screams to mix into his music. What a nice chap!

As for Yun-Jin Lee, she started out her life as someone downtrodden. She faced hardship. However, after effort and sacrifice, she made it in the music industry, becoming the producer of Ji-Woon Hak and his band members, before they sadly died in a fire. Still, she was determined to make Ji-Woon a star and despite feeling like he had something to do with the murders that started up whenever he went on tour, she remained silent. Her silence led her to eventually being taken, alongside Ji-Woon, by the Entity.

The All-Kill chapter has certainly led to some spice in Dead by Daylight lore. As we’ve argued before, now is the best time to play the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game from Behavior Interactive. With each new chapter, the game just keeps getting bigger and better, and you know something? The lore ain’t that bad either.

Dead by Daylight’s All-Kill chapter, featuring The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee is now available to play across all platforms.

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