Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Camp Palut is a sapphic, summer visual novel full of magic and the supernatural

Start off your summer right with Camp Palut, a spoopy, sapphic visual novel that has you play as main character Jess – a city girl going to summer camp for the very first time.

That summer camp is Camp Palut, a camp for teenage girls. As well as her love interests, Jess will be joined by a diverse cast who all have their reason for heading to the camp. Only time will tell what you can find out from them.

Yet, in spite of the camp’s welcoming greenery and people, there’s something secretive about the place that’ll have players uncovering a mystery they won’t soon forget.

But it isn’t all just mystery and shenanigans at camp. After all, what’s a summer camp without a summer romance? In this sapphic game, Jess will get the chance to get cosy with four different love interests. These are:

  • Amy – A flirty girl who loves archery and wants to play professional soccer one day.
  • Nat – A whimsical but thoughtful girl that often gets lost in her ideas. She loves hiking and is certain that Bigfoot lives at Camp Palut.
  • Cassie – A problem solver with a big imagination. Cassie loves to swim and can’t wait to test out her new camera in camp.
  • Bianca – A girl that’s a bit of a mystery. Bianca keeps to herself mostly, but she loves to read and would like to have your company.

Developed by Bearly Playing Games, Camp Palut is currently relaunching its campaign over on Kickstarter! If you’re interested in this mystery, sapphic visual novel then head on over and show the developers your support.

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