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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 Queens as Pokémon

As the race to the Drag Race Season 13 crown continues and preparations are made ready for Pokémon Day, we return with more drag queens as Pokémon.

Let’s hope these queens aren’t unlucky…

As with our S12 picks, we’re basing this on a mixture of looks and personality with no shade intended at all!

Denali – Glaceon

Skurskit is a pond skater Pokémon, but for ice skating and dancing queen Denali we wanted something more fittingly svelte and beautiful. So we’ve gone with the ice eeveelution Glaceon whose ice moves would surely slip up the competition.

Elliott with 2 Ts – Tepig

Voted off by the other queens in the first episode (or so they thought), Elliott with 2 Ts got the pork chop. Tepig the fire pig it is then, though as the first in its evolutionary line the only way is up to smite the competition.

Gottmik – Mew

As the first transgender man to compete on Drag Race, Gottmikk deserves to be celebrated. But more so, in drag she serves some of the most unique, out of this world looks ever seen on the runway. So we’ve gone with the legendary Mew – a total one of a kind pokemon. 

Joey Jay – Toxtricity

Joey Jay is known for not wearing wigs, instead sticking with spiky, punky hair. So we’ve had to go with the Pokémon with the punkiest hair of all: the electrifying Toxtricity.

Kahmora Hall – Cinccino

Just like the stunning Kahmora Hall, Cinccino certainly knows how to turn a look with its beautiful and expensive looking furs. But is there more to show?

Kandy Muse – Primeape

Kandy came into the competition after a feud with drag mother, S9 queen Aja, that led to their drag house falling apart. Furious fighting type Primeape is easily angered, and like Kandy would surely fight for the crown.

LaLa Ri – Talonflame

LaLa is the drag daughter of Tamisha Iman, the first family to directly compete against one another. So we had to pick another fire bird. In the anime, Ash’s Talonflame protected the group from Moltres and LaLa could similarly scorch her way through the race.

Olivia Lux – Oricorio

Has there ever been a queen as sweet as Olivia Lux with that gorgeous smile? The beautiful Oricorio is a dancing bird with multiple forms, but its pom pom style is particularly cute and fun. Still, both this Pokémon and queen are not to be underestimated.  

Rosé – Roselia

Sadly there’s no wine Pokémon. So, as much as we were tempted to choose Sword/Shield villain Chairman Rose, we’ve gone with the flowery Roselia. Beautiful yet deadly, their poisonous blooms are a force to be reckoned with.

Symone – Hitmonchan

In an ode to her first runway boxing look, we’ve gone with Hitmonchan for Symone. They’re both iconic, and in this season’s race you know Symone is a contender for the crown.

Tamisha Iman – Moltres

With 90 pageants to her name, Tamisha Iman is a legend in the drag community. So we had to choose one of the original legendary Pokémon, the firebird Moltres: a stunning firecracker who’ll overcome adversity and soar over the competition.

Tina Burner – Charizard

Could we choose any other fire type than the almighty Charizard? Tina is igniting the competition this season and setting the other queens alight with her fiery looks and ferocious wit. She’s a real drag-on.

Utica Queen – Ludicolo

Utica is a unique queen who’s dancing to the beat of her own drum – just like the weird and wonderful grass type Ludicolo. It’s in its own world, living its best life. 

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