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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 queens as Pokémon

Yes, we’re back again! After the (shady) success of our DragCon UK queens as Pokémon feature, we decided to do it again with the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12. 

As before, it’s not just on looks but personality too. All these queens are fierce and no shade is meant with offence, it’s just a bit of fun! Disagree with our choices? Let us know in the comments!

Aiden Zhane – Unown

Aiden was keen to tell us in the first episode that she’s a queen of multiple personalities (even if we’re yet to see them all in the show). So what better ‘mon than Unown, a psychic Pokémon with multiple forms based on the alphabet. And with their sleek black and white shape, they’re certainly a chic choice.

Brita – Exploud

Last time we paired up Vanjie with Loudred for the size of her mouth. But this season we’ve got a queen with an even bigger mug – Brita! Exploud takes Loudred in an explosive direction, able to incite earthquakes with its powerful voice. Can Brita shake the competition?

Crystal Methyd – Mime Jr

From her entrance look onwards, Crystal has been serving us cutesy clown realness. Mime Jr is likewise a cute little clown, but as a dual psychic/fairy type it’s got some surprising power underneath that hat.

Dahlia Sin – Pansage 

We didn’t get to see a huge amount of Dahlia Sin this season, though she’s certainly quite the looker. We’ll probably most remember her for dressing up as a broccoli, however, so here’s Pansage – a cute little monkey with a broccoli on its head.

Gigi Goode – Hatterene

Gigi loves some iconic headwear: she wore three different helmets in the first episode alone! Hatterene’s headwear is just as iconic, with a beautifully elegant look to go with it. Both these queens are serving fashion!

Heidi N Closet – Bonsly

Is Heidi N Closet the worst name in drag herstory? Ru certainly thinks so. We could’ve chosen a Pokémon with a terrible name, but there were too many to choose from. So instead, we’ve gone with Bonsly in homage to her adorable Pinocchio lewk.

Jackie Cox – Persian

In honour of Drag Race’s first Persian queen, there was only one choice for Jackie Cox… Persian! Jackie’s style is classic and she’s a fierce competitor.

Jaida Essence Hall – Dragonair

Jaida describes herself as the “essence of beauty”, so we had to pick one of the most beautiful, elegant Pokémon of all: Dragonair. With its penchant for jewellery and graceful looks, you know it could slay any pageant.

Jan – Scorbunny

Jan is one of the most competitive queens yet seen on the show, stemming from her sports background as well as her love of drag. Scorbunny is the only choice: fiery, overly keen, and evolves into a soccer-playing jock – but it sure is powerful.

Nicky Doll – Milobellus

That’s Milotic in French. Nicky is a gaymer and huge Pokémon fan – she even stated in an interview that she’d be a Pokémon trainer if not a drag queen! Plus, coming from France, she’s as chic a drag queen as we’ve seen. The stunning Milotic it is then.

Rock M Sakura – Pikachu

Rock is definitely a fan favourite this season, and we were tempted to go with Koffing after her “dazzling 23 Skadoo-doo!” that left the other queens gagging on her farts. But instead, we went with another fan favourite who’s clearly inspired Rock’s anime looks: Pikachu.

Widow Von’Du – Galvantula

Galvantula is our choice for a queen who named herself after the black widow spider. This Pokémon is slightly terrifying and will spark up any battle. You just know that Widow is here to fight.

Sherry Pie – MissingNo

Um… excuse me… we seem to have a glitch in the system.

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