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Can You Be Gay in Cyberpunk 2077?

Well it was only a matter of time before we’d make this guide. Cyberpunk 2077 is now out in the world, and already it’s making waves. Our review of Cyberpunk 2077 called it brilliant but bleak, however, it didn’t quite answer the more important question of ‘can you be gay?’

EDIT: For a more up to date version of this article, check out our definitive gay romance guide.

As expected of a game that’s had controversy after controversy, the hype of same-sex relationships, and relationships in general, are generally overblown for the most part. You are able to start romantic relationships with people, and if not romantic, become very close friends with them, but if you’re expecting the same levels of BioWare-esque romance then you’re going to be disappointed.

As a variety of guides have already pointed out, there seems to only be one love interest for ‘each’ sexuality. Here’s a quick list to show you what we mean.

All Main Cyberpunk 2077 Romance Options:
  • Panam Palmer (Male V body, male/female voice)
  • Judy Alvarez (Female V, female voice)
  • River Ward (Female V body, male/female voice)
  • Kerry Eurodyne (Male V, male voice)

There are other romance options, such as sex workers and Johnny Silverhand’s personal conquests, but none are truly about your character – so we won’t be including them in this guide.

As you can see from the options included, there does seem to be two options for both a gay and lesbian V to choose from. Judy Alvarez has been pretty much confirmed, but despite this boat scene that we found on YouTube, there’s not much evidence that Kerry gets the same treatment as the other love interests in the game. That said, it does seem like you can romance him to some extent, so it isn’t a total loss.

With that in mind, we’ll confirm that yes, you can be gay in Cyberpunk 2077. What that means for your character is yet to be confirmed, but when we get more conclusive evidence we will update this guide.

The ‘Can You Be Gay’ guides are here to help you answer the most important question of all in video games. Check out the full series to look through which games you can and can’t be gay in.

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5 thoughts on “Can You Be Gay in Cyberpunk 2077?

  • What a huge dissapointment. Gay guys get the 90 year-old. Not being into the whole daddy thing at all, this is terrible, at least for me. Also looks like a stereotype. And male strippers are dressed unlike females, plus the very unequal representation in ads, and censoring male nudity at launch where it wasn’t censored before. Great, all this honesty about inclusiveness and equal representation they promised. Getting torch and pichfork, anyone care to join?

    • I’ll join, you put my exact thoughts into words, I’m so pissed. Only mass effect was the only one who even got close to being a good inclusive game, although still more female options. And I doubt they will ever add any more options, I just don’t try anymore.

      • I also recommend Dragon Age, newer Spiders titles Greedfall and Technomancer and Larian Games Divinity OS and Baldurs Gate. Bethesda isn’t bad either. I could go on;)

        But CDPR lost quite a lot of my trust, I was beginning to like them:/

  • After all those promises on gaming sites and Twitter they came with this… One small option with least content like always for M/M.. I’m beyond disappointed..

  • You can’t actually do the gay romance storyline until you’ve finished Rogue’s side-quests. I.e. you’ve got to play through a straight romance storyline to unlock the gay romance storyline. CDPR should really be called out on that one.

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