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The Mass Effect modding community had its own N7 Day

Last weekend was a big one for Mass Effect fans thanks to N7 Day, a day where players of the much-loved sci-fi series come together in order to celebrate everything Mass Effect.

Last year N7 Day was rather mute, but this year BioWare announced the news we’d all been waiting for: a remaster of all three Mass Effect games, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, will be releasing sometime in Spring, 2021. Cue lots of screaming of excitement!

The remaster is set to include a ton of improvements, such as faster framerates, and beautiful visual enhancements. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will also have forward compatibility and targeted enhancements on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, too – making it perfect for next-gen.

But while this is all great and all, it’s come to our attention (via Rock Paper Shotgun) that N7 Day wasn’t just being officially celebrated by BioWare, but the active modding community of the Mass Effect series.

YouTuber Audemus, who runs a Mass Effect modding Discord, released this video to highlight some of the very best of what the Mass Effect modding community has on offer – and yes, that does include the visual improvements that the remasters are expected to get, too.

It doesn’t just stop with visual improvements either – like giving FemShep a consistent, overall look, or adding more armour customization – the video shows off a variety of story mods, additional romance content, and more.

Talking to Rock Paper Shotgun, Audemus spoke about how with the remaster coming out soon, “the modding community, as it is, is currently on the way out.” They continued, “I wanted to go out with a bang and make it really special.”

The video highlights an incredible modding community with a real passion for this video game series, so if you’re a PC gamer who wants to give this game a go, check out the video for yourself and get to playing!

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