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Mass Effect remasters may arrive in October

2020 feels very much like the year of the remasters, and if the rumours end up being true, Mass Effect may be joining that ever-growing list as soon as October.

Mass Effect has been one of the bigger games that many gamers have been demanding to get remastered, and it’s not hard to see why. Like most BioWare games, it’s got a dedicated fanbase, and is very popular with LGBT+ gamers. It also hasn’t been touched since Mass Effect 3’s last DLC launched in 2013. That was 7 whole years ago!

According to VideoGamer, in EA’s Q2 2020 earnings call, investors were informed that EA planned to launch “exciting remasters of fan favourites.” Obviously that opened up the door to a lot of possibilities – with the main one being the Mass Effect remasters. That and maybe the Dragon Age games, if they wanted to give other BioWare fans a little treat.

More importantly, it doesn’t look as though fans of the sci-fi series will have to wait long. According to an insider, the Mass Effect remasters will both be announced and released sometime in October.

Considering a number of different delays of games, alongside the release of next-gen consoles, it’s entirely up to perspective on whether the possibility of the Mass Effect remasters releasing in October is a good thing or not.

In the meantime, let’s cross our fingers and hope that by October, we’ll be able to kiss aliens in high definition. Oh and shoot things, we guess.

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