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Developer behind Bear and Breakfast shares touching diary about game development

Game development isn’t as easy as it may appear. It takes effort, determination, and time to develop a game, and that isn’t even thinking about all the marketing you have to do if you’re planning on self-publishing. More importantly, it’s hard to see yourself as a game developer in the first place, something which the developer behind Bear and Breakfast, talks about in their candid dev diary.

Gummy Cat is Bear and Breakfast’s developer, and in this dev diary, goes into the grizzy details of what inspired them to sit down and make a game about a bear who runs a bear and breakfast.

In the dev diary,  the developer discusses inspirations, trials, and tribulations – from life in the studio’s home country of Romania, to ecological concerns, to an innate desire to avoid “wasted potential”. We’re sure that a lot of people in game development – and outside of it – can relate to that.

It’s a very candid, but touching development diary about game development and it certainly makes us look at Bear and Breakfast in a new light.

If you haven’t yet heard of Bear and Breakfast, you play as a bear called Hank who dreams of building a bed and breakfast in the woods with his friends. As the business expands, so do the mysteries of the forest, and Hank soon finds himself uncovering a plot deeper than the wilderness itself.

Bear and Breakfast is planned to launch in 2021 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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