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Here are all the Hades romance options

There’s nothing that quite brings players together than the discovery that there are romance options, especially when the game is as good as Supergiant’s newest, Hades. Because sure, kicking ass is cool and all, but what about the downtime when you get to know these characters? Isn’t that important too?

We think so, and we know that we’re not alone. While Hades doesn’t have romance options in the same vein as BioWare’s Mass Effect or Dragon Age games, it does include romantic scenes and characters that protagonist, Prince Zagreus, can express his feelings to. Though, before you get your hopes up, we’re not saying that all of them will reciprocate those feelings, at least, not in the romantic sense.

With three romantic options to choose from – with all three being available in a single playthrough with zero consequences – we’re here to show you just who are Zagreus’ love interests, and how you romance them.


Dusa is best described as a cinnamon roll, something that is far too sweet for this world. She’s an incredibly charming character, and as you may have guessed, she most likely used to belong to the Gorgon, Medusa, though that hasn’t been confirmed.

Dusa is rather shy and, after talking to her when you arrive back at House of Hades, will float up into the air and disappear. When you do get the chance to talk to her though, she gets very flustered and often has love hearts appear around her. It, at first, seems quite obvious that she has a crush on Zagreus.

Only, when you get to the romance scene with Dusa, she tells Zagreus that she actually doesn’t see him that way, but cares about him a lot. Zagreus, not being a POS, says that they’ll be connected forever as friends – which is a nice, platonic ending that we can’t help but love for these two.


If you’ve heard of the saying ‘two sides of the same coin’ then you’ll be happy to know it applies to Thanatos and his relationship with Zagreus. Thanatos is death – cold, calculated, and silent. Zagreus, however, is reckless and warm. Though as different as they are, the two of them share a deep bond with the other.

You first meet Thanatos later in-game than the other romance options, where he’ll challenge Zagreus to see who can get rid of the most enemies. From then on out, he’ll appear at the House of Hades, though like a lot of the characters in that section, he may be speaking to others – making him harder to interact with.

The romance between Zagreus and Thanatos will be complete once Thanatos enters your room and you have the option to either a) smooch or b) remain friends. Unlike Dusa, Thanatos does very much have romantic feelings for Zagreus, but it’s up to you how you’ll react to it.


Megaera, also known as Baegara by me and everyone who is very much willing to be stepped on by the First of the Furies, is the third and last romance option that is available to Zagreus. She is also the very first Boss fight of the game.

Meg has a no-nonsense attitude and, according to Achille’s codex, has history with Zagreus – though it isn’t ever confirmed what sort of ‘history’ it is, leaving it up to the player to decide. She isn’t all work though, as she has a fond, sisterly relationship with Dusa and adorable interactions with Nyx and others around the House of Hades.

Like Thanatos and Dusa, the romance scene for Meg lets the player decide whether they want to go further, or if they’d rather just be Meg’s friend.

How Do You Romance Them?

Hades isn’t a game that is interested in making romance or their romance options seem less gamey and that’s perfectly fine. So, you won’t be all that surprised to hear that to get these loveable companions on your side, you’ll need to do some gift-giving!

The gift of choice is Nectar, and it can be found during your escape attempts, exchanged for fish by the Head Chef once you get the fishing rod, and brought off the Broker.

Once you’ve maxed out their dialogue and given them all the nectar they need, you’ll need to do a favour for them, aka a side quest. Once that’s completed, gift them Ambrosia and boom – consider these companions romanced!

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