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Can You Be Gay in Hades?

Hades has taken the gaming world by storm ever since it released from early access on September 17th this year. It’s got everything you can think of: a variety of weapons, an excellent story, charismatic characters, a fishing mechanic, and yes, Hades is incredibly gay, too because why the hell not?

As we mentioned in our guide on Pyre, Supergiant Games hasn’t ever shied away in adding LGBT+ characters and themes into its games. For Hades, however, they’ve turned it up from, say, 25 to 100. Everyone is a little bit gay for Zagreus, apparently. (We’re clearly not including foster moms or foster brothers, don’t start you lot.)

The main goal of Hades is to escape the Underworld and meet up with your long lost mother, Persephone. That means going up a ton of floors, fighting a ton of enemies and generally just trying your goddamned best almost all the time. It’s harder than it sounds!

But when you aren’t kicking butt, you can be smooching up a storm. Sort of. You don’t see any smooching action, but you’d have to be lacking in self-awareness not to see the chemistry that Zagreus has with two characters in particular: Megaera and Thanatos. That’s right, we’ve got a bisexual himbo as the protagonist of Hades. Maybe 2020 isn’t all that bad after all…

Both Megaera and Thanatos have a complicated, but interesting relationship with Zagreus that can only be revealed by talking to them, as well as giving them Nectar and, eventually, Ambrosia. This will unlock special romance scenes that are unique to Megaera and Thanatos, where you can confirm your feelings for the other. You can romance both Megaera and Thanatos in the same playthrough with no real consequence, though Megaera does make a comment about it if she’s romanced after Thanatos. Dusa also gets a unique scene with Zagreus – again, you must gift her Nectar and Ambrosia – but this ends platonically.

Zagreus isn’t the only one queer character in this game, however. You may be able to hit on Achilles, but unfortunately he turns you down. This isn’t because he doesn’t swing that way per se, but he has a rather complicated relationship with another character – the fallen hero called Patroclus.

On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being super gay, we’d say that Hades is an 8 and takes the lead against previous Supergiant Games in conveying respectful, LGBT+ characters and representation.

The ‘Can You Be Gay’ guides are here to help you answer the most important question of all in video games. Check out the full series to look through which games you can and can’t be gay in.

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