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Road Z looks like GTA but with zombies

Blue Moose Games launched Road Z: The Last Drive on 21 August 2020, and it immediately caught my eye because it looks like GTA but with zombies. In a world where zombie games are a dime a dozen, having a different environment to play in, like this one, is interesting and invigorating. Buckle up, gaymers!

Steam summarizes the game as, “In a world surrounded by zombies, Doctor Lactus puts in your possession a vaccine that can save the world. You must cross the United States by car to bring this vaccine to the laboratory in Washington. Collect hardware by hitting zombies to upgrade your cars. Upgrade the motor, the fuel tank, the armor, add and upgrade a nitro bottle, a turret and flamethrower. Also, explore the surrounding to loot hardware.”

Game-play features include the ability to switch between first and third person view, a new car damage system, 60 upgrade levels, open world challenges and 5 vehicles to use at your disposal.

Road Z: The Last Drive is now available to play on Steam and Humble. Here’s hoping a console release is scheduled for 2021.

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