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LGBT+ projects you need to back on Kickstarter


As we’ve mentioned a bazillion times before, LGBT+ creators are our top priority here on Gayming Magazine. Which is why, thanks to sleuthing and the fanatical desire to see LGBT+ video games do well at all cost, we’ve picked a selection of projects that you should most definitely back on Kickstarter.

These will range from video games to card games, so don’t worry if you’re a fan of one but not the other, we’ve got a selection of projects that we know you’re going to love.


Games are incredibly white, but in ValiDate not only are you able to be out and proud, there isn’t a white character in sight.

You get to play as one of many different characters, guiding them through life as a young adult and the troubles that come their way. This can be something as little as TikTok, or bigger things like politics.

Funke Joseph had the pleasure of finding out more about the game by speaking to game creator, Dani Lalonders.


You may have heard about Repurpose after we looked at it for our Gayme of the Week. But if you haven’t, then let us educate you on one of our most anticipated games to come out of Kickstarter.

In Repurpose you play as an individual that’s stuck in Limbo, the plane between Heaven and Hell. You can choose whether you want to go to heaven, hell, or stay in the middle. Though be warned, there are a number of different pros and cons to each choice.

Did we mention that you can kiss angels and demons, too? Because you can. It rules.

Trouble Comes Twice

Trouble Comes Twice is a romantic, visual novel game where you can choose to play as one of two, twin siblings – Jace and Hazel. Jace is a bisexual man, Hazel a pansexual woman and both of them have 4 love interests to choose from.

The story follows the two twins as they realize that, in their mid 20s, they’ve never actually been in love before. So, they decide to make it into a competition – whoever gets a boyfriend/girlfriend first wins. Already I can see this ending badly for our protagonists.

In each route, the twins will explore different paths depending on which of the four love interests you choose. With that many options, we can’t wait to see what Trouble Comes Twice has in store.


Frigid Delights Studio brings players Sinsations, a self-described yaoi / boy love visual novel which has you playing as the sin, Lust.

As Lust, you’ve been newly recruited to be part of the Seven Deadly Sins, but before you can get the mantle, you’ll need to seduce the other six Sins and impress Lucifer.

It is an 18+ visual novel game, so expect some steamy scenes. However, unlike the previous games, Sinsations has yet to be fully funded. So, if you’re looking to help a studio out and get the gay romance visual novel you deserve, why not back Frigid Delights Studio’s new game?

The Pride Deck

A deck of cards but it’s LGBT? What’s all that about then? As we talked about before, The Pride Deck is a deck of cards that spreads awareness and celebrates the different identities that are so often forgotten.

Just think of how fashionable you’ll look pulling out a deck that’s got a beautiful rainbow on, and if you’re feeling fancy, you can even get a dark version of the deck too.

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