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Stardew Valley patch 1.5 will add significant endgame content

Just when you think Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, couldn’t add more great things to Stardew Valley, he tweets about how Stardew Valley patch 1.5 will add significant endgame content.

As we’ve argued many times before, Stardew Valley is a video game that is practically an LGBT+ utopia. Everyone is fairly accepting, you spend most of your days working on a farm, and everyone is in love with you thanks to all the good food you shove their way. What more could you ask for?

Regardless, that doesn’t seem to have stopped Barone. In a tweet, Barone stated that “Progress on the update is coming along steadily. It’s still in a “nose to the grindstone” phase, but some good milestones have been met. This update adds a significant new piece of end-game content and much more!”

What’s interesting about the tweet is that it includes a picture of Willy in his fishing store with an added door, as well as the position of the ladder having been moved. What this could mean we don’t really know – but we’d be okay if it meant that Willy was romanceable now – but we’re eager to find out. what Stardew Valley patch 1.5 has in store.

Stardew Valley’s previous patches have been nothing short of exceptional, adding new 14-heart content, as well as improving hairstyles, the mines, and almost everything else. It just goes to show that, no matter what, Barone is still very much on board with making Stardew Valley a game to be remembered for years to come.

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