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Dead by Daylight cross-play and cross-progression to come “really soon”

Dead by Daylight is a favourite among gaymers on Twitch and YouTube, and it’s not hard to see why. Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical horror game just finished it’s 4th anniversary a week ago, and now it’s been announced that Dead by Daylight will be getting cross-play and cross-progression sooner than we first thought.

Behaviour Interactive have often stated that the desire for cross-play and cross-progression in Dead by Daylight has been a popular demand from players. However, according to an announcement the team made in a post on Friday evening, the barriers between consoles, PC and Google Stadia will be broken “really soon.”

In their post, Behaviour explained just what players could expect.

“We are preparing the activation of Cross-Play and Cross-Friends on consoles. In this scenario, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will be able to play together, and with people on PC. We are polishing the last details to make sure that it will only impact our game positively.” They continued, “as we are still monitoring the situation and numbers on PC, we cannot give you a specific date for now, but we can definitely say it is coming really soon! (like before the first snow, in Montreal (hopefully)) .”

Of course this doesn’t mean that Behaviour Interactive will leave it at that. They stated that, “once Cross-Play is live on all platforms, we will carefully monitor the data to ensure the stability of the game. If it becomes unstable, we will disable cross-play to allow us to work on a fix. Player experience first!!”

Cross-play can also be opted out from, as not all players will want to experience going up against killers or survivors from PC if you’ve only played on console.

However, there is some bad news for console players. Cross-progression will only be available between PC, Google Stadia and the Nintendo Switch. That could change in the future, but Behaviour Interactive have said that there is no “guarantee” that cross-progression will be implemented for consoles.

In other news, Dead by Daylight released new killer, Pyramid Head and survivor, Heather Mason, in their new Silent Hill chapter last month.

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