Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Surgeon Simulator 2 reveals a new gameplay trailer

Surgeon Simulator 2 has already geared itself up to be yet another game full of medically inaccurate fun. As fans of the previous game will tell you, there’s nothing quite like rummaging through the guts of people, and replacing their stomach with a bone saw. All in good fun, of course.

One of the biggest changes for this new game is that, unlike the first, you’re able to move around. Instead of a disembodied hand that creates chaos in a limited space, you’ve got a whole medical facility to walk around, as well as new machinery to tinker with. Not just any old machinery either, but machines that let you replicate body parts and organs, just in case you lose one.

It isn’t just organs and rainbows though, because as the new gameplay trailer reveals, you’ll also have the chance to play alongside friends. None of which are suitable for helping you in any surgical way. But hey, you’re just trying to help and let’s be honest, that’s all that matters!

In this gameplay deepdive, you’ll also get to see something that hasn’t been revealed before: the cutting-edge Bossa Labs Creation Mode. Here you’ll be able to see the tools that have been used to create Surgeon Simulator 2 in the first place.

Check the full gameplay overview to find out more and see whether you’ll be cashing in on some surgery this upcoming August.

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