Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Gayming Podcast – Episode 12 with special guests Novympia

The Gayming Podcast Episode 12 has dropped and is the perfect listen for another weekend in lockdown, especially as we’re joined by the awesome drag YouTubers Novympia!

At the top of the episode I’m also joined by Shay Thompson and Ed Nightingale to review games we’ve played and stories we’ve read.

What’s in your slot?

We got a lot of Bunny Day Animal Crossing stress out and had a good cleanse about the whole affair. Especially when they tried to hold a fishing tournament in the middle of the Bunny Day event so all you’re pulling out the water are eggs not fish! We also talked about the lovely day out Ed and Shay had on my island where we even took a photo by the Gayming flag!

Ed then talked about his trip out to see a drag contest in Animal Crossing thanks to the awesome Justin Moore on Twitch. Featuring wig reveals, costume changes and more, these queens were living their best lives on the island of Büch Bay!

Once the Animal Crossing cleanse was over, I talked about playing Mario & Rabbids, the crazy turn-based mash-up game that Ubisoft made two years ago and is still a great way to pass the time. Shay went on to talk about playing Horizon Zero Dawn and her wonderful sales pitch talked me into playing it this weekend! And Ed gushed about his time playing Final Fantasy VII Remake which is all kinds of awesome.

Gayming News

Further into the episode, we talked about what we’ve been reading on Gayming Magazine recently.

Shay talked about two Dragon Age articles written by Aimee (of course) and how she is equally in love with Dragon Age 2. She loved Aimee’s article championing why everyone should play Dragon Age 2 because it’s the best entry in the series and also shared Aimee’s passion for Isabella! Shay also linked in Aimee’s other Dragon Age article which meticulously psychoanalyses what your Dragon Age romance choices say about you.

Ed referred to an article about Sony’s Play At Home initiative where they are giving away two free games, but he had some thoughts about their choice of games, and we all discussed what more the industry could be doing to help support players in this time.

Then I wrapped up by taking a look at the recent article about the Nintendo Direct Mini that happened late last month, but was dominated by the news about Bunny Day. Now that heinous crime has passed, there is so much more exciting news in that Direct so I was happy to unpack some of it. But, that then exposed my lack of interest in Pokémon, for which I was resoundingly (rightly?) mocked!

Special Guest

To round off the podcast, I am joined by a special guest. In this episode, I’m joined by two special guests in the form of gaming YouTube drag sensations Novympia!

Nova and Olympia are a couple (literally) of drag queens who live on the south coast of England and who have a YouTube channel packed full of geekery and tomfoolery! From popular parodies and RuPaul’s Drag Race reviews to gameplay videos of the Sims and other retro games, their YouTube channel will keep you entertained for hours!

We spoke about their past, how they came to get into drag and where the idea of the YouTube channel first came from. They told me about their involvement with a very young World of Wonder and how they got their big break. We also spoke about what they’ve been up to recently on the channel including their ongoing series of Sims 1 with them recreated in Sims form!

We moved on to talk about their individual gaming preferences and how Nova enjoys playing RPGs while Olympia is more of a sim-queen, but they can unite around playing trash retro games, including the old Spice World game from PS1 days!

We also enjoyed gossiping about the current series of Drag Race and the ongoing drama across the series, including a quick review of Ed’s recent matching of Season 12 queens to their Pokémon counterparts!

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Robin Gray

[He/Him] Robin is the Founder of Gayming Magazine. He's on a mission to fly the LGBTQ flag proudly over the video games world and drive forward authentic representation in the industry, in the press and in the games we love.