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The Gayming Podcast Episode 11 – with special guest Ryan Brown

Episode 11 of The Gayming Podcast has dropped and as we’re now all in lockdown, this is the first of our new virtual podcasts (so please forgive the slight dip in sound quality!)

Content warning: please note that as we live through this exceptionally testing and challenging time with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we make a lot of jokes around this which some might find triggering. We do this as a coping mechanism and to encourage laughter, we by no means are encouraging reckless and dismissive behaviour of this crisis. Please follow all advice from your local health authority.

On this episode, I am joined by Matt Kamen and Ed Nightingale to talk about games we’re playing and news we’re reading. Then later, I was joined by our special guest for this week, Ryan Brown from Numskull Games & Designs.

What’s in your slot?

In this opening section of our podcast, we talked about what we’ve been playing recently.

We all shared our love of Animal Crossing and how it’s been our combined saviour in these dark times! I mention my ongoing protest about the “Racketeering Raccoon” aka Tom Nook with placards in my plaza. We go on to talk about how peaceful it is and how it’s great to fit into our new work from home lifestyle. We also talked how the first event has arrived already with Bunny Day and how there are too many eggs already!

We move off from gaming briefly to talk about Disney+ and Matt explains his frustration at how Disney are insisting on releasing The Mandalorian on a weekly basis, plus the insane choice to have early episodes of The Simpsons edited into 16:9 which loses a lot of the early jokes.

Ed has been playing Astral Chain which he was slightly disappointed with, much to Matt’s disagreement! He’s also been playing Final Fantasy VI in preparation for the upcoming FF7 remake.

Matt has been playing the Borderlands 3 DLC Guns, Love & Tentacles. Matt absolutely loved the DLC but was mildly disappointed by a weirdly balanced tough boss fight. But overall, the experience was beautiful, the wedding was epic, and you can read his review here.

Gayming News

Further into the episode, we talked about what we’ve been reading on Gayming Magazine recently. Totally by accident, we all ended up picking content that Ed had written!

Ed spoke about his own interview with Justin and JohnJohn about the Rainbow Arcade, its formation and its diversity. It has a drive to be a fully inclusive LGBTQ team on Twitch. There was a particular focus on the use of the LGBTQ tag on Twitch and how straight streamers are using at to demonstrate they are an ally, but is this right? Should the use of the tag just be used by LGBTQ people?

Matt then spoke about Ed’s work on rounding up what the world’s IRL gaymer groups are doing as their whole purpose is about physical activity and meet ups. However, there is a lot of great digital creativity going on and groups are doing awesome work at pulling their communities together online.

I then finished up by talking about Ed’s Pokémon drag queen mashup sequel article matching up RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 queens with their Pokémon counterparts. Again, Ed has demonstrated his ruthless shadiness and we spoke about his thought process and some of his alternative choices.

Special Guest

In a new segment for the show, we’re finishing up with a special guest joining me for a one-on-one interview. This episode’s special guest is Ryan Brown from Numskull Games & Designs.

We spoke at length about what Numskull Designs have been up to recently, specifically with their awesome collectible Tubbz cosplaying ducks. We talked about how the designs are so dynamic and the how the boxes are bathtub inspired. I asked him about how early in the process some of these creative decisions were made and what inspired the choice of characters. I also asked him what his personal favourites were.

We moved on to talking about games and what Numskull are releasing soon including the awesome new 3D platformer Clive & Wrench, which is inspired by Spyro The Dragon and Ratchet & Clank.

Finally, we talked about some personal stuff about games that are getting him through the isolation period. Ryan admitted to the awesome mashup of Doom and Animal Crossing, a perfect partnership of games! We also talked about how dedicated to gaming he is by collecting anything that moves and having a games backlog that’s a mile long!

Ryan brought an awesome surprise with him as he’s giving away three copies of the awesome SuperEpic game on a platform of your choice! Listen to the podcast to find out how to enter the competition!

This episode of The Gayming Podcast is sponsored by Skillsearch. One of the video game industry’s most trusted recruiters, their mission is to end every recruitment experience with exceptionally happy people! Visit to start your search today! 

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